Everyone has this book that went with them for overtime, the one that made him change his point of view, change a negative habit or increase his motivation to succeed. Sometimes a chapter, a sentence or a word that has touched us in a certain place is enough and our whole life already looks completely different. Receive the new books that may change your lifestyle in the year 5722, which you can purchase as a holiday gift for your loved ones or as a guide close to yourself.

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Embrace the Sun // Dr. Adiel Tel Oren, Dr. Mark Sorenson, Dr. William Grant

If we once feared death from the sun and linked it mainly to skin diseases and cancer, today we know that the sun has healing and strengthening properties, it gives us vitamin D and helps us to overcome various diseases. In the book ‘Hug the Sun’, you will discover new things about the healing sun, such as improving the immune system against epidemics like corona, reducing the chance of various cancers including skin cancer (thankfully that is really surprising). It also turns out that the sun can prolong life, cure depression and anxiety and improve sports performance. The book is backed by research and will no doubt make you see the sun in a different light than what you have seen to date. After reading the book, you will probably want to embrace the sun, and go out in sun baths often without remorse or such and such fears.

Who is it suitable for: For anyone looking for a cure in their own life and that of those around them, for people who are concerned with health, and as a gift for loved ones who like to learn new things or who are afraid of sunlight.

Available at the book chains, NIS 98, published by Focus

There is also a code that connects to YouTube. Photo: Crown

The Mindfulness Paths // Mati Lieblich

The practice of mindfulness has become a hot health trend in recent years that affects all areas of our lives and is basically a type of brain gym. In the book you will find a wide range of exercises that you can apply on your own, with a collection of insights and inspiration to help your life improve from end to end in any field you choose. The book was edited by Matti Lieblich in collaboration with many writers, among them: Galia Tanai, Ricardo Tarsh, Netzach Goren and more. It combines training for mindfulness practice in daily life, along with walking exercises, body awakening, attention to physical activity and exercises that connect to the ground.

In addition, you will also find exercises in the book to improve the relationship and even those that are suitable for children. In the book you will also find a scanner, which will connect you to the book’s YouTube channel where you can also practice comfortable, relaxing audio exercises, and authors who will also teach people who have never done mindfulness to connect to this world and indulge in the good.

Who is it suitable for: This is a comprehensive and extensive book on the subject of mindfulness for anyone who wants to deepen his knowledge and learn to take care of himself. One of the best and most comprehensive in the field.

Available at book chains, published by Keter

Light lessons for life. Photo: Publishing the list

The microbiome revolution // Dr. Will Bullswitz

How to lose weight by refueling with fiber? Dr. Will Bullswitz’s new book, brings down the theory of bacteria to the people and explains in a simple but scientific way and backed up by studies how a system of bacteria and animals that live in our gut makes us fat and sick. In the book you will understand that everything we eat not only us but The whole bacterial population that lives with us and with the right nutrition we can improve the settler population with us for fun.The book offers us a 28-day program plus chef recipes by Tzachi Bukshtar, so that the content goes down to a practical and simpler level to implement.

While our gut lies deep within us and we have no way of seeing them, there is very much to learn about them, because once we understand how things work inside, we will change our whole way of thinking about the food we eat. A fascinating book for the patient among you for anyone interested in delving into the subject. In the book you will find quite a few new ideas that will sometimes make you open your mouth wide and not to poke another bite of the hamburger.

Who is it suitable for: For people who want to lose weight in a healthy way, for those who are interested in health books teach. Less like a bread holiday gift, but more of a gift for yourself.

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Heal yourself – no medication, no supplements, no prior knowledge // Daniel Karni and Dr. Master Ji Gang Shah

The new book by Daniel Karni and Dr. Master Ji Gang Shah, talks about spiritual healing from the root of the soul to our physical body. The soul and sometimes the reason is at all because of things we did in our previous incarnations. When in each of the healing exercises that are in the last part of the book, you will also find a code, which you can scan from your mobile phone and have the exercise also videotaped.

Who the book is suitable for: For anyone who wants to know how to heal himself and connects to the spiritual aspects of it, and to therapists who want to enrich their knowledge to care for themselves and others.

Available at the book chains, published by Focus, NIS 95

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Practical exercises for positive thinking | צילום:
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Until the Last Tear – 62 Lessons from Mom // Yuval Abramovich

Anyone who knew Tamar Abramovitch up close, or even met her only once, realized how powerful this magical woman was and she always passed him on, much like meeting an enlightened person. Yuval Abramovich’s mother, who died of cancer after fulfilling her dream of becoming a model at the age of 60, did not leave him a financial legacy, but left him 62 fascinating and two-life lessons. Yuval could not afford not to gather them to tell and pass them on.

At first glance, Yuval’s new book looks like an obituary, but when you start reading it, you quickly realize that it is an inspiring and thought-provoking book from a woman who probably knew a lot of important things that we should all read. In the book you will receive lessons in education, lessons on self-confidence, fulfilling dreams, relieving fears and true mental health. The whole book is told in a light and fluid way, with lots of stories that make the book fun and fascinating and no longer a worn list of tips.

Who is it suitable for: For those who are looking for a light book that gives a lot of meaning and mental health to spend the holiday season with and get out of it strengthened.

Available at the book chains and on Yuval Abramovitch’s website, NIS 94, published by the list

Psychological treatment from the couch at home. Photo: Sela Meir Publishing

Being human – 12 more rules for life // Jordan Peterson

This is Peterson’s second book, which decided to publish his book in Corona’s time so that we can devote our time to good rules for life when the world is going through a difficult upheaval, because when will we have a better time to dwell on it? The well-known psychologist claims in his second book that with the help of good rules one can deal with the chaos and difficult things that land on us without warning in mid-life. It deals with the issue of overconfidence, the need for control, giving up pride and overcoming fears. Why it’s good for us to fool around, and imagine what you want and focus on one thing are just some of the tips you will get if you read the new book by the psychologist that burst into our lives several years ago and made many people change their lives.

Who the book is suitable for: For people who want to go through a kind of psychological treatment with themselves, get motivated and inspired. Even if the book does not rewrite a lot, it is the kind of thing that is always good to repeat and connect to ourselves. Great gift for the holiday.

Available at the book chains, published by Sela Meir, NIS 98

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The victory is yours and yours | צילום: shutterstock By Nigita

10 Minutes Roof // Shirley Ness Berlin

One of the things we have the hardest time with in life is changing our mind, and it is what actually determines what our whole life will look like. Our way of thinking determines whether we will go to exercise, whether we will eat healthy or junk, whether we will succeed in a job interview or whether we will be in a good relationship. Shirley Ness Berlin fell in love with the world of positive thinking at the age of 13, when she was sent with her mother to a course in thinking and living. Since then she has been working for 23 years teaching people how to learn to think positively, to achieve their dreams and goals, without putting in too much effort and without the need for multiple hours of training.

In her new and eighth book, she teaches how to think more positively in 31 days, with the help of 10 minutes of daily investment. The starting point is that small changes ultimately lead to one big change, if one persists in change. In the book you will learn to love yourself, play like children, give thanks for the good and start the day with positive energies. A practical and flowing book, stimulating and fun.

Who is it suitable for: For anyone who wants to bring joy, positivity and drive into his life. A book that empowers men and women alike.

Available at the book chains, NIS 88, published by Orion

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Available, efficient and comforting in any situation | Photo: unsplash

Thinking well // Yehudit Katz

The “Thinking Well” podcast, who lectures and focuses on positive, research and practical psychology, explains in her book “Thinking Well” how procrastination prevents us from succeeding and how to prevent it, and gives us motivation to start acting in our lives and stop waiting for tomorrow or the future. How to dare more, to move forward in our lives, how to cultivate the connection between body and mind and how to find meaning in our lives? The book will give us tips on how to act on the source of motivation, how to overcome obstacles, why it is important for us to fail in order to succeed and how to change habits that are inherent in us.

The book is built in a gradual way that will make you understand yourself more and then start acting from the right and accurate place because only after we understand how our brain works, can we get going and persevere in it.

Who is it suitable for: For those who love practical psychological books that go hand in hand with you until the desired change.

Available at the book chains, NIS 98, published by Keter

positive thinkings brings positive outcomes. Photo: Keter Publishing

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