For fear of salmonella: Peanut butter products in Israel and the United States will be off the shelves

The Ministry of Health announced tonight a recall of the 1.8 kg peanut butter product of “Randy” for fear of salmonella. It was also reported that the product is sold to the institutional market only and customers who have the products are asked not to use the product. Randy Ltd. collects the products.

At the same time, yesterday the American company JM Smucker announced a recall of one of its types of peanut butter and a number of other products, due to the fear of salmonella. In total, there are about 45 different types of products, including: tea bags, as well as two different types of peanut butter from the Jif brand.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they are investigating an outbreak of salmonella poisoning in fourteen people in 12 different countries. Two of them were hospitalized, no deaths were reported. The CDC said five of the 14 patients contacted them directly, and all five ate different varieties of peanut butter products before they became ill. After examining the samples collected, the FDA said that the peanut butter produced at the factory is the likely source of the outbreak.

As you may recall, the Strauss company announced that routine inspections conducted at Elite’s chocolate factory revealed a number of samples with salmonella in the factory’s production line and in the chocolate used as a raw material to create products. Later, Tnuva announced that as part of the investigation of the contamination at the Strauss plant, a suspicion arose of contamination in the milk powder production line.

The Ministry of Health clarified that this is a product that is not marketed to people but to factories that continue to process the product, usually while heating it, which prevents the culture of bacteria if they are present in the product. According to them, tests of final products that used milk powder as a raw material have so far come out normal and free of contamination. The Ministry of Health is continuing its investigations into the investigation of the suspicion.

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