The Knesset vote held yesterday was one of the most turbulent in the Israeli political system- But one of the moments that will probably remain remembered about him, is precisely the moment when MK Emily Moati of the Labor Party came to the vote lying down- This is due to a rare side effect suffered by MK Moati, caused by a lumbar puncture – a medical procedure she underwent at the hospital-

Dr- Yuval Baruch, a specialist in spinal surgery at Clalit Group’s Meir Medical Center, explains that this is a relatively common procedure, performed to examine various neurological problems- All the nerves in the spinal cord and brain cells and also serves as a shock absorber)- The test is done in order to detect the presence of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, or infection-

Leakage from the spinal cord

The side effect that the Knesset member suffered from, he said, was due to a leak from the spinal cord- “Without going into too much detail about MK Moati’s personal details, it can be said that this is generally a relatively rare phenomenon that can happen to anyone who undergoes any procedure that involves back stabbing, including lumbar puncture or epidural injection- Although, when it comes to lumbar puncture, the intention is to reach this fluid in advance in order to collect a sample from it, but in a small percentage of cases it continues to leak and then the problem arises-

Dr- Baruch explains that such a condition can lead to the accumulation of spinal fluid in the lower area of ​​the spine, which causes a number of symptoms such as: headaches, dizziness and a general bad feeling- Moreover, when this condition is not diagnosed and treated it can endanger the patient- Because the fluid drains to the bottom of the column and the brain does not produce enough of it – this is a life-threatening condition-

“Lying down actually reduces the pressure created and helps the body close the wound that is created and thus stop the leak- Therefore it is customary to instruct patients suffering from this side effect to stay in this position for 3-4 days- They are required to perform all daily lying activities – including eating and evacuation” explains D- Blessed-

A relatively rare side effect of lumbar puncture | Photo: kris4to, shutterstock

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How do you identify such a problem?

“If after a lumbar puncture / epidural injection you feel a headache while sitting or standing / dizziness / general malaise – it is important to seek medical attention / emergency immediately, as these are signs that may indicate a problem of this type-”

Does lying treatment solve the problem?

“In most cases, if the patient is careful to lie down according to the guidelines, no further intervention is required and the patient manages to overcome this unpleasant side effect-” From here we wish health and a speedy recovery to MK Moati!

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