14 deaths of children from hepatitis, the cause is not yet clear
The mysterious outbreak of hepatitis, a hepatitis in children, has so far led to 14 deaths worldwide and over 600 reported cases in over 30 countries. About half of all cases come from just two countries – the United States and the United Kingdom. Six deaths were reported in the US and of all patients 9% required a liver transplant.According to the latest update from the European Center for Disease Prevention on Thursday, there are 12 cases of acute hepatitis in children in Israel, the same figure as the number we reported a month ago. One death was also reported in the Palestinian Authority, without specifying the specific location.

While mild hepatitis is not uncommon in children, severe inflammation is considered a much rarer phenomenon. Usually the UK has eight to 10 liver transplants each year, but the kingdom has already passed those numbers, with 11 transplants in just three months.

According to Professor Didra Kelly, a hematologist at the University of Birmingham in the UK in an average year they treat about 20 children who develop hepatitis for no apparent reason. This year they have seen 176 such cases, an increase of almost 8 times.

Professor Kelly said that studies that collected data across Europe “did not see any increase in the numbers of acute and severe hepatitis” or in liver transplants compared to previous years. The significance of this gap is still unclear – “either Europe is behind us and still needs to catch up, or it is a phenomenon that is not happening in Europe,” she said.

There is no connection to the corona and pet dogs

A number of theories have been raised in the last month in relation to the recent outbreak. There is no clear picture yet, but experts believe the cause is due to the corona plague. That is, after more than two years of minimal exposure to infections, our immune system behaves differently.

The two hypotheses raised at the beginning of the outbreak have already been refuted. A hypothetical link has been raised between a weakened immune system as a result of corona infection that makes children more susceptible to hepatitis, but so far not enough data has been collected that can support this link. In addition, the British Health Agency has ruled out the corona vaccine as a possible cause, as 75% of children who have developed acute hepatitis are under the age of five and have not been vaccinated.

British experts put forward another theory about a month ago about a possible link between pet dogs and the outbreak of the disease, after finding a high number of sick children who came from families who owned dogs or were exposed to dogs. But even this theory was ruled out and the dogs were removed from the list of potential culprits after the scientists found nothing to indicate their possible effect.

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What is known so far? Blood tests revealed that the inflammation was not caused by common causes, including hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses. It could be a new virus that has not yet been detected or a combination of existing viruses that are causing new symptoms.

One of the leading viruses being tested is adenovirus, a common family of viruses found in the bloodstream of many patients – especially version 41 – that often causes cold-like or flu-like symptoms or stomach problems. Nearly half of U.S. cases of inflammation have been found to be positive for adenovirus, the CDC said last Wednesday. Also, 72 percent of cases in the UK and 60 percent across Europe. Virus, and it is unusual for such a virus to cause hepatitis.

As of the time of publication of the news item, the response of the Ministry of Health has not yet been received.

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