The corona has affected us all, some of us are very much feeling the change and for others it is small upheavals that suddenly remind us that we have gone through (and are still going through) a not-so-simple crisis. How do you get out of this period stronger? Here are some tips on how to get vaccinated and get stronger this year

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The past year has dropped the ground beneath the feet of many and life has changed beyond recognition. History provides catastrophes for humanity and miraculously and fascinatingly those who survive the crises – only grow out of them. The Corona is undoubtedly a catastrophe that will go down in the history books, alongside more epidemics, wars and disasters.

The corona is still here, but you can already see the horizon flickering in the distance. It is important to remember that big changes start with small steps and what is important now is to develop personal mental resilience. The way to do this is by changing habits and creating new patterns. If you commit for three months to daily practice of the next 12 steps, you will feel clear results and improve the innovative version of yourself.

  1. Change

    Agreed to change and change three Negative habits in three good habits. For example, quit smoking and start swimming instead.

  2. Habits win

    Commit tofour Habits win. For example, ride a bike three times a week.

  3. Realization of the vision

    Exchanging dreams with goals: Build an action plan for them and commit to working daily for it for a pre-determined period of time. For example, vision: to write a children’s book. Plan: Commit to writing one hour daily for three months.

  4. Values

    Select three Leading values ​​and turning them into behavior. For example, human dignity, integrity and helping others – to practice values ​​until they become a winning habit. It is advisable to keep a record of insights at the end of each day.

  5. Relationships

    Clean up weak ties from your life and create empowering support circles. For example, bet on the depressed friend full of criticism in a friend with positive and accommodating energy.

  6. Taught from the best

    Teach a new field. For example, did you dream of learning Spanish and did not turn around? It’s time to find an excellent teacher who teaches online and sign up.

  7. passion

    This is where your passion is and find a channel of expression in your life. For example, music. Create your own listening habits to music and even watch recordings of live performances from home with a commitment to schedules.

  8. Dormant talents

    These are abilities and talents that are not manifested and have found a way to express them in a predetermined dose. For example, I used to dance and today I do not, so I will find a zoom class for modern dance, once a week.

  9. Improving visibility

    This is and choose a visual change that affects the self-image. For example, it’s time to lose four pounds, choose a proper diet and commit to gaining weight for at least two months.

  10. positive thinking

    Practice developing positive thinking muscle. For example, write at the end of each day three Good things happened that day.

  11. my voice

    Make your voice heard on at least three channels. For example, express your desires in front of your spouse.

  12. My health

    Agree to enjoy sports and set a healthier menu. For example, sign up for a yoga class and stop eating as early as eight o’clock in the evening.

** The author is a mental trainer in an approach that combines NLP, gestalt and guided imagery and is the author of the book “Finding the Inner Diamond – The Four Vertex Model”

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