An end to pain and fertility problems?  The ways that can help treat endometriosis

One in ten women deals with the disease that causes monthly, around the onset of menstruation, pain (sometimes very intense) and a host of unpleasant symptoms: increased bleeding during menstruation, pain during intercourse, gastrointestinal disorders and difficulty getting pregnant. The disease that develops in the uterine mucosa characterizes young women of childbearing age (most patients are aged 18-40) and requires a combined treatment of medical professionals with a gynecologist and family doctor who provide medication, hormonal treatment and sometimes even surgery to improve the condition.

As mentioned, along with these treatments, the world of complementary medicine can also help with treatment, provide pain relief, help with a variety of symptoms and even help with the process of getting pregnant. The advantage of complementary therapies is in their safe, non-invasive nature and holistic outlook which can also offer further interpretation for the onset of endometriosis.

According to Chinese medicine for example, endometriosis is a pain that results from bursts (stagnation) of qi and blood. The Chinese are also examining the source of these blasts – whether it is cold that penetrates the uterus and makes it difficult to function properly, whether it is heat and humidity that cause fluid to accumulate in the pelvic area or another factor. The two organs responsible for the area in question in Chinese medicine are the kidneys and the liver, so treatment will focus on strengthening them.

Along with acupuncture, and depending on the diagnosis made, Chinese medicine practitioners will be able to prescribe Chinese herbal formulas, and other herbs like turmeric whose function will be to improve blood circulation in the uterus and help the body release the blasts. The treatment itself will be customized after the diagnosis and may last for a long time (treatment of endometriosis can take several months) until a significant improvement or getting pregnant.

Eat right

A balanced and balanced diet is a necessity in any medical condition and so is endometriosis. The adhesion of endometrial cells to the internal organs can lead to the appearance of inflammation, so it is advisable to help the body with an anti-inflammatory diet, which is what is at the heart of naturopathic treatment. Each patient will receive a customized nutrition plan depending on her condition and the progress of the treatments, and if necessary, nutritional supplements such as magnesium and herbs such as Sheikh Avraham – all as stated individually and after the advice of a qualified therapist.

Go for it

In a complex and persistent disease such as endometriosis there is great importance that caregivers also attach to the mental aspect of dealing with such a condition. The pain and frustration, the inability to get pregnant at times – all of these have the ability to aggravate the physical condition. Therefore, touch therapies like reflexology can help both reduce stress and relieve pain. The treatment focuses on massages and manipulations of the female foot, whose function is to improve breathing, digestion and even help restore the hormonal balance.

The authors are ND Acupuncture Coordinator and Naturopathic Coordinator in Clalit Complementary Medicine.

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