Outbreak of monkey pox in the world: Nearly 20 new cases in North America

The Canadian Public Health Agency confirmed tonight (Friday) that 10 new cases of monkey pox have been detected, including a first case in the province of Ontario. So far, 26 cases have been discovered across the country.

The province of Quebec has reported 25 cases and this is an increase of nine cases since Wednesday. Additional cases are expected to be confirmed in the coming days after samples are tested.

At the same time, nine new cases of the virus have been identified in the United States. Federal health authorities reported that the cases were discovered in seven different states of the United States.

The World Health Organization said last night that since the outbreak of the current wave, about 200 verified cases have been detected in various countries around the world. The senior epidemiologist, Dr. Maria Van She said there are now about 100 unsubstantiated cases.

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