8 health dishes as light as possible

Between a holiday and a family meal and another festive meal, there are also quite a few times in the current month that we do not want to visit the kitchen too much and certainly not roll up our sleeves, cut, wash, splash and wait with zero patience. Our culinary abilities are preserved for the holiday eves and the pompous desserts that we will receive with people and guests, in between, it is time to rest and plan what we want to cook for the next holiday meal and the one after it.

Indulgence in the kitchen does not mean junk food. Also not necessarily order delivery. There are quite a few foods that are sure to be in your kitchen on a regular basis and you will be surprised to read how easy it is to prepare them and keep a minimum investment for both physical and mental health.

  1. Greek salad
    To get a rich and spicy Greek salad on a plate, take a short trip to the vegetable department at the supermarket + a visit to the cheese refrigerator. Here is a recipe for a real Greek salad that contains all the essential nutrients. It is important! Be sure to cut the Bulgarian cheese into as small cubes as possible.You can always upgrade with a fun sauce:


  2. Oatmeal pancakes
    You can snack on oatmeal with milk in the microwave and you can spend a little more with nuts, fruits and spices. Oatmeal is considered a superfood and is bursting with protein, dietary fiber and also, not a bad source of calcium and magnesium. The richer your oatmeal is, the higher its caloric value. And also, a light.hearted recipe for cauliflower pancakes with a cup of oatmeal.If you like your porridge sour, the addition of apples is a great choice.

    You can’t play in the kitchen all day | Photo: unsplash
  3. tuna
    Not just a rich military meal – tuna contains powerful antioxidants, maintains healthy kidneys and even increases brain function and cognitive performance. If you feel like investing a little, you can make excellent tuna patties in a light 20 minutes of work, for the recipe.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxSBlgrz_bE
  4. Omelet without pan
    It’s not dangerous, faster than making coffee and it’s probably the easiest recipe to make you’ve ever seen. If you like it in a hard version, it is also possible, all the instructions here.If you are not so confident in yourself, watch the following video:


    A handful of yellow cheese on the scrambled eggs will upgrade the impromptu event to a real royal dinner.

  5. Peanut noodles
    Peanut butter sandwiches are the easy and obvious solution in the lazy person’s kitchen, but you can easily upgrade the meal with all types of noodles – cold or hot, the main thing is to take care of a generous amount of peanut butter + peanut chips on top. It also lowers blood pressure and may even improve mood.Daily eating of about 2.3 tablespoons of peanut butter includes about 170 calories of health.
  6. couscous
    Did you know that Tuesday is considered couscous day? In Tunisia all bakeries were closed on Tuesdays and couscous was the only substitute for carbs. So here’s another healthy carb, and not just for Tuesdays, where you will not have to invest almost anything in it except water in a kettle for a week. Try to add over as many vegetables as possible. For a quick Tripolitian recipe of couscous.100 grams of regular (uncooked) couscous has 77 grams of carbohydrates (including dietary fiber), 13 grams of protein and also vitamin B3, calcium and iron.

    Potatoes in butter and honey (Photo: Ron Yochananov, good food)

    Potatoes in butter and honey | Photo: Ron Yohannov, good food

  7. Potatoes in the microwave
    There is no way to go wrong here. Schedule and follow the next steps. Rinse the potatoes well, no need to peel. Thinly slice, brush the bottom of the dish with a tablespoon of oil and arrange one layer of potatoes. Drizzle with oil and a little coarse salt. Run the microwave on high power for 12 minutes until soft. It is recommended to watch the butter from all directions. Perfect candy for a snack or as an addition to a main course.100 grams of potatoes contain almost half the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

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