Acknowledge the health benefits of honey

We are used to consuming honey to sweeten our tea, add some sweetness to cakes and desserts, or to use as a grandmother’s remedy for colds and coughs when we are not feeling well. But did you know that honey has healing abilities that help with a variety of health conditions, from coughs and eye problems to burns and chronic diseases?

Shira Mor Yosef, 41, a natural nutrition consultant, uses honey every day. “I start the morning with water and lemon and add honey to it, it gives a lot of energy and vitamins. Besides, honey is very soothing and great for burns. Honey in my house is really first aid. I really think it helps many situations and also sees other people consuming honey and recovering .

I had a very serious burn all over the forehead from a miracle remover, she got tangled up because I did not treat her at first. Then the honey calmed her down and the recovery was quick too, I treated her at the end only with the help of honey. Besides, I also make hair masks with honey along with olive oil and egg yolk, it does stink a bit but strengthens the roots and makes the hair shiny and full of life. ”

Natural cleansing of the body from toxins

Poetry is not the only addict. Honey is also regularly used in the family of Lilac Corngold from Pardes Hanna. They finish a large jar of honey every week, and use honey to prevent burns, inflammation and even for the purpose of massage. “I had an eye infection and as soon as I applied the honey, the inflammation went away. The honey burns a little at first but really cleanses the eyes and the eye, and then I feel like new.” Lilac says, emphasizing that it is an organic natural honey.

Lilach is married to Ariel Korngold, an epitherapist who treats people with the help of hive products. “People have been using honey since the dawn of history,” Ariel says of the honey with great enthusiasm. “Honey can be treated in a lot of situations. From strengthening the body, cleansing the body of toxins, healing of infections, burns to cataracts.”

Honey does not contain much sugar? How does it cleanse the body?

“It does not behave like regular sugar at all, the enzymes that break down honey and sugar are different. Honey has fruit sugar and grape sugar from which the body produces glycogen which is stored in the liver and muscles, so its effect is different than that of white sugar. Honey compared to sugar is also really good for children. “Honey for school is really nutrition for the brain, it keeps them awake and concentrated. The sugar in honey is also great for athletes and people who do races, when you can mix honey and pollen, which is the pollen of the flowers and is really food on. The Greeks also used honey to get stronger.”

A natural remedy for a variety of infections | Photo: unsplash

Healing wounds and brightening eyes

“Honey is excellent as a first aid for wound healing. As a plaster, it is the best plaster,” says Ariel. “If after surgery they put honey on us, then the wound would heal much better. The honey is also excellent for burns up to grade 2, cataracts, and eye infections in general. Our eyes have very delicate capillaries and with honey we can strengthen the eyes and vision. Someone 89 years old came to us. With cataract taking honey, it spreads the honey for about 4-5 months and it really slowly melts the protein formed in the eye.It also very brightens the eyes, if someone spreads the honey on the eyes carefully regularly.It leaves the eye clean.

“The honey you buy at the supermarket is usually not natural honey. It is an organic natural honey and the older you age the honey the better, just like wine, because then the sugars are broken down. The less sweet the honey, the deeper it tastes, and healthier, because The body has to work less hard to break down the sugars.

Industrial honey undergoes industrial processes and heating and also its source is not always from the country. In contrast, natural honey has pollen, which is the pollen of the flowers which is actually the healthiest protein that exists in nature. You can also eat the powder separately, melt it in your mouth and it keeps you full until noon. It is also satisfying and contains quite a few vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and it is calorie-free. ”


Honey can also be dangerous?

“Basically no. Depends on what its source is. If the bees touch poisonous plants then it can be dangerous. Babies under one year of age should not be given honey. Then it is recommended to give children a teaspoon a day.”

People who want to lose weight should avoid using honey?

“Basically, you can even lose weight with honey. Honey digests fats at night so it is recommended to eat a tablespoon of quality honey an hour before bed. Of course whoever goes wild with his diet, then the honey will not help, His body burns more fat and sleeps better.There are many people who have difficulty sleeping because they do not eat properly at the end of the day so they have glycemic hunger, and in fact hunger wakes them up at night.The sleep of the person who eats the honey will be deeper and the dreams will be brighter. “It is more difficult at night than during the day because it also undergoes healing. If there is no glycogen in the liver and muscles, it will wake us up in the middle of the night and our sleep will not be deep and good either.”

Ariel’s tips for treating honey in various health conditions:

  • For eye infections – Take a clean ear toothpick and dip in clean and hygienic honey, open the eyelid and put the honey. Can be mixed with eye wash.
  • To strengthen the immune system – Start the morning with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey. In cases where it is necessary, it is also possible during the day and before bed. If the honey is pure, one should not be afraid to consume a high amount of it. Of course everything up to a certain level without exaggeration.
  • For breastfeeding – Excellent honey for strengthening the immune system and increasing breastfeeding, a tablespoon of honey in the morning and evening.
  • For detoxification – Honey fasting can be done for 3 days (under supervision and professional advice only). Once in a while take 3 tablespoons of honey a day and then the brain gets the energy it needs. Basically the honey does not require digestion and within minutes it drips inside the cells.
  • For alertness and cleansing of the body – Honey massage can also be done.
  • For pneumonia – Spread honey on the chest front and back, wrap with cling film and in the morning get up and see that the honey is really black, all the toxins come out.
  • For taut and young facial skin – Make yourself a natural face mask. Spread honey on the face and leave it for 10 minutes. It will also nourish the skin, and also provide vitamins and minerals.

Do not overdo the quantities

Even the conventional approach agrees on the benefits and virtues of honey. Clinical dietitian Shiri Nakash claims that although honey has health benefits, care should be taken not to overdo it. “Honey does come from nature but in the end it is simple carbohydrates, and the thought of it being healthy causes people to sometimes consume it instead of sugar in excessive amounts. In addition, it is important to remember that it may contain dangerous bacteria for babies so the guideline is not to give honey until one year of age.”

Dr. Marina Tzedekin-Tamir, Clinical Pharmacologist, RAJ Academic College, adds that “Real and natural honey is indeed superfood. Just before you buy honey, it is important to check that the honey in the supermarket is not made of alternative sugar, but natural honey. Write on the packaging. ”


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