“Microcosm for what is happening outside”: In the health system, people are worried about cases of violence

Again violence against medical staff: Following the incident of violence that took place yesterday at the Haemek Medical Center in Afula, the center’s deputy director, Dr. Eldar Berkovich, spoke with Yoav Mintz on his program on 104.5 FM, and shared his hard feelings about the recent incidents of violence against medical staff.

“The public is becoming aggressive and impatient, the phenomenon of violence hiA microcosm of what is happening outside. This is a certificate “Poor people who need a policeman for such behavior,” Dr. Berkowitz said with pain.

He recounted the incident of violence that took place yesterday at the Valley Medical Center: “The patient came for an MRI. It is a long and complex examination and it is impossible to plan for a minute when she will start. The lady expressed her displeasure with the delay, and our dedicated secretary suggested she come the next day.”

Here he recounts, the patient began to act with severe violence towards the secretary: “The lady did not like the idea, and responded with verbal violence that turned to physical violence when she pushed the position of the secretary. The secretary was very frightened, she did not expect such a reaction, physically harmed and fled.”

Dr. Berkowitz recounted the secretary’s hard feelings after the incident: “She was wrapped up in our support and love and went to rest at her home. We have an orderly support mechanism for employees. It’s unbearable, me Can not understand how a person who comes to get a cure for his pain can act like this, That is unacceptable. ”

Finally, he claimed that the people of the center have zero tolerance for violence, and explained: “We do not have a police point and I think it is a certificate of poverty for the system that needs a police officer so that patients can behave properly.

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