A smile for 7 minutes a day will change your life

Whether you are optimistic and smiling or rather pessimistic, you probably do not smile enough. Please note that May 16 is the beginning of the International Smile Month, which provides you with another good reason to open your mouth and expose your beautiful teeth to those around you. How long is that enough? At least 7 minutes a day.

An oral health expert and orthodontist at one of Europe’s leading clinics, Dr. Khaled Qassem, explained in an interview with the Daily Mirror why it is important to smile. “The main benefit of a smile is that it reduces stress,” Dr. Qassem began. According to him, our mouth affects the level of stress in our body more than we think. You will see this in symptoms like jaw locking or involuntary gnashing of teeth.

A smile, says Dr. Qassem, increases the amount of endorphins in our body and lowers cortisol levels, so it will make you feel better even if you smile for no reason. In addition, the smile releases dopamine and thus increases the production of antibodies in the human immune system, so it Will contribute to you in maintaining your health.

Dr. Qassem noticed that a smile, and especially laughter, can reduce heart rate and respiration, as well as blood pressure. If we were able to convince you even a little, forget all the trouble for seven minutes a day – and just smile.

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