Dr. Tal Kenav shares how you can learn to accept yourself and feel better

Well one of the biggest challenges in life, is the ability to accept ourselves, expand our personality and feel more whole and relaxed with who we are as well as come to terms with what we are not. Reconcile with what we feel as well as with what we think and say. It is unhealthy to keep in our stomachs our frustration with ourselves and the environment and sometimes when it comes out badly, may harm us or others – through acceptance of the organic self and awareness development, it will be possible to make better decisions, reduce frustrations and lead a healthier and more pleasant lifestyle.

Tal Kenav – PhD in psychology, psychotherapist and lecturer
Dr. Tal Kenav is a therapist and lecturer in psychology and psychotherapy. He owns a private clinic that has been operating since 2005 where he has treated over two thousand people of different ages, with different backgrounds and different stories. People with different struggles, different character traits and different ways of accepting or not receiving Themselves, reactions, feelings and thoughts. “In my care the person learns how to be himself, to accept himself and to be whole with himself, without the need for distortions or defenses.” Says Dr. Kenav.

Dr. Kenav’s Therapeutic Approach
The therapeutic approach allows people to become familiar with the myriad parts of the self, to be aware of the internal parts / voices including those that have been pushed or sidelined, as they have been perceived as negative, disruptive or unimportant. During treatment, people become more authentic and more whole with who they are and also with who they are not. During the treatment the therapist will know the patient well, will help him find his inner compass. This is in order to get out of the process with a broader self-acceptance so that we can finally accept who we are. The treatment combines psychology from the Western world with the Zen Buddhism approach from the East.

When is the best time to seek treatment?
Many people ask when is the best time to get treatment. Well the best time is when we feel the need for it. That is – when a person wants to feel better, when he has thoughts and feelings that he would like to examine in depth, as well as after some trauma or break in life which can bring down on the one hand but also be used for a developmental leap. A person who wants to change course in life or find his way, a person who feels that his glass ceiling closes on him and he is looking for how to expand and strive higher. People who want to accept themselves more, to be whole with themselves and their lives, people who want to have tools to deal with different situations and not to converge within themselves or give up parts of the ‘self’.

Dr. Tal Kenav, a psychotherapist, invites you to treatments at the private clinic in Tel Aviv. Using a variety of treatment techniques: ‘internal dialogue’, ‘economic’, ‘self-psychology’ and ‘the relational approach’. Through them it will be possible to help you reach God. I am the conscious’ who is supposed to manage life. You will find and know more of your inner voices. This path leads to their acceptance, expansion and acceptance by deep acquaintance and inner voice management – as opposed to the voices guiding us. Learn to expand your personality, cultivate it and not cultivate ‘I am a liar’, I am biased or who others would like you to be.

By Editor