Tragedy in the South: The death of Karin Gaz Lalush, 31, who died last night (Tuesday) during the birth of her daughter at Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva, left her associates in shock- The midwife’s family told Walla that Gaz Lalouche was a healthy woman- “She had nothing, no health problem- A 31-year-old young woman, mother of a girl, did not believe it could happen,” they said, adding: “We do not know what happened- We are sending the body to Abu Kabir to check what happened-“

As a reminder, the body systems of the mother, who was in the 40th week of her pregnancy, collapsed surprisingly early in the birth and she was taken to the operating room in a very serious condition, while performing resuscitation operations, but there they were determined to determine her death- The baby was born in emergency surgery and is in a stable condition-

The hospital said that “she was connected to an Acme device, but unfortunately during the night she died- It was probably a rare event of embolism- The baby was born in emergency surgery and hospitalized in the preterm intensive care unit- We share the family’s heavy grief-”

At the end of last May, the 38-year-old Moran Malki Nevo, who died during childbirth at Kaplan Hospital, was pronounced dead, apparently from amniotic fluid embolism- The newborn died shortly after being born by emergency caesarean section- Prof- Alon Ben-Arieh, director of the obstetrics and gynecology division at Beit Halim, stated that “the cause of death of the mother and the newborn is not known with certainty, but we estimate that it is amniotic fluid embolism, which can rarely occur during pregnancy- This is a rare and unusual case- ”

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