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Overweight and obesity are considered one of the most common symptoms of the 21st century.

The phenomena themselves are growing in the world in general and in Israel in particular due to the great abundance that food chains have to offer, the prolonged sitting in front of the screens and of course due to lack of physical activity.

The World Health Organization has defined overweight and obesity as chronic diseases that endanger the body and life itself.

Existing risks of overweight and obesity:

  • Heart disease and stroke due to the fat that accumulates in the body and blood vessels and causes blockage of the veins and arteries.
  • Diabetes, the most common metabolic disease in overweight and obese people.
  • Sleep apnea due to difficulty breathing properly.
  • Pressure on the joints due to the load of fat on the bones and joints, which can cause inflammation in the body.
  • Development of different types of cancer according to all the studies of the best experts.
  • Fertility problems in both men and women due to a disorder in the secretion of hormones as a result of excess fat.


Many risks – overweight and obesity (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ways to treat overweight and obesity:
Today most ways to treat obesity and overweight are by conventional methods. When a patient comes to the doctor for treatment of the problem, the same doctor will recommend him treatment by a HMO dietitian, gastric bypass surgery and in other cases will simply imply to him that he needs to incorporate exercise into his lifestyle.

In today’s era with the advanced technologies and new diagnostic methods there are alternative ways to treat overweight and obesity with very high success rates and most importantly – over time!

The integrative method applied in Top Ichilov provides fast and effective results over time.

The treatment with the method is done through an innovative technological diagnosis with the help of which it is possible to understand which treatment is most suitable for that person in order to achieve breakthrough results without any frustration on the part of the patient!

The method uses a conventional diagnosis to treat overweight and obesity in an alternative and natural way.

Some of the treatment methods of Top Ichilov’s integrative method:

  • Special techniques of acupuncture and needles – painless.
  • Nutrition guidelines with a varied menu that gives an agenda and a response to hunger.
  • A combination of special vitamins for weight loss in a natural way.
  • Use supplements and herbs to lose weight without the use of chemicals.


Top Ichilov . Effective and fast results over time (Photo: Shutterstock)Top Ichilov – Effective and fast results over time (Photo: Shutterstock)


Ways of diagnosis and what are its benefits:
With the help of Top Ichilov’s groundbreaking and advanced medical equipment, the patient’s blood picture can be deciphered and analyzed accurately to match each patient with the natural and accurate treatment that will help him lose weight.

From the initial diagnosis it is possible to find the source of the problem and thus save time, frustration and money! Like anything in life, once we get to the root of the problem, it is easy and effective to solve it without mistakes in treatment.

In addition to the fact that each body responds differently to treatments and therefore it is important to give personal and spot treatment to each patient, it is important to note that the diagnosis and treatment are done without pain and without invasive action.

The method with over 90 percent success!
Top Ichilov’s experts have many years of knowledge and experience. Combined with the innovative technological diagnosis, and together with the alternative treatments they will accompany you personally and closely all the way, until you reach the goal!

With the integrative method it is easy, simple and effective. Thousands of patients who have used the integrative method indicate great success, and a new and better quality of life. You too will begin the change you have always wanted!

The article was written by Top Ichilov Med.Balance

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