In Israel, there are 24,778 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 2014 and 2018 and who have recovered or are still dealing with the disease. 21,831 of them were diagnosed with invasive disease, 2,947 women were diagnosed with targeted disease.

These numbers are rising from data from the Ministry of Health ahead of International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in collaboration with the Association for the War on Cancer.
Due to the complexity of the collection, the most information so far in the National Cancer Registry relates to 2018.

On the optimistic side of the data, it can be seen that the upward trend in early detection continues: 69% of women were diagnosed early in the disease.
In the year of the report (2018), 1,042 women died of invasive breast cancer in Israel. This is the most common cause of cancer mortality among women, accounting for about 20% of all cancer deaths among Israeli women. The trend of significant declines in mortality has continued at a rate of about 2% per year since 1996.
In 2018, invasive breast cancer accounted for about a third of all invasive tumors in women (33% among Jewish and other women and 35% among Arab women).

Breast cancer accounts for about a third of new cancers a year in all women. It is the most common malignant disease among women in all population groups. In 2018, 5,539 new patients were diagnosed with a breast tumor: 4,832 (87%) were diagnosed with an invasive tumor and 707 (13%) with a targeted tumor.

The periodic trend in the rate of new cases of invasive breast cancer between 1996 and 2018 among Jewish women was stable, while among Arab women the significant upward trend continued, at a rate of 1.7% per year. The reason, apparently, is the fact that Arab women adopt a Western lifestyle characterized by early childbirth at an older age, a reduction in the number of children and breastfeeding, lifestyle management where a person sits longer, an increase in BMI, a less healthy diet and more.

Moshe Bar.Haim, director general of the Association for the War on Cancer, explains: “Breast cancer is considered the most common cancerous growth among women. Early detection has been shown to reduce breast cancer mortality, make it possible to change the course of the disease and increase the chances of a cure to about 90%. Even during this period of the corona epidemic, women of the appropriate age should not give up the survey tests. In addition, every woman, at any age, must be attentive to her body, and if there is any suspicion of a change, even the slightest, it is important not to postpone the visit to the doctor and go for a check.up as soon as possible. “

Prof. Little Keinan Boker, director of the Center for Disease Control at the Ministry of Health, adds that according to 2018 data, the majority of morbidity is observed in women over the age of 50. Only 1.1% (52 women in total) of all cases of invasive breast cancer in 2018 were diagnosed in women under 30.

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