How long should the ultimate snatch last?

The Spaniards call it a siesta, the Germans call it Schlaf Shtunda, the Americans call it Power Nap, and we use the acronym for schnapps, a kidnapped name that manages to capture a quick nap in it. Those who work from home, start staring at a bed that is within touching distance. So if you too are starting to feel a little tired, here are some tips that can upgrade your shin.

How long should the reference be?

A nap is another proof that quality does not depend on quantity. 10 or 20 minutes of sleep, and you get up like new, with a boost of insane energy, that’s for sure power nap – A short sleep that you can feel after you have slept through a whole night, which will never happen if you sleep 20 minutes during your night’s sleep. Snatch is a quality and good sleep and during it you get into a dream sleep and deep sleep quite quickly, at night however, getting into a deep sleep takes longer.

There are quite a few studies in favor of the nap, proving that it has mental and physical benefits. A study done last year at the University of Saarland found that a nap can help improve memory. NASA’s study of military pilots and astronauts whose work interferes with a proper sleep cycle found that the best night’s sleep lasts 26 minutes. After such a nap, pilots’ performance (measured by their responses and ability to solve problems) improved by 34 percent. In addition, alertness Their (measured by their reaction speed) has improved by 54 percent.In the bottom line, if you are not sure how long you should sleep at noon, the answer depends on your goal.

Suffering from insomnia? And bet on the SNZ

“People who suffer from insomnia are advised to give up a nap because it wastes the urge to sleep,” says Prof. Giora Filler, director of the children’s ward at Carmel Hospital and director of Clalit’s sleep system in the Haifa and Western Galilee districts. The more active we are, the more matter accumulates, and the greater the amount that accumulates in the brain, the greater our urge to sleep. If you sleep during the day, the urge goes down.

“Some people sleep at noon and this will not affect their night’s sleep. In this case, sleep is definitely recommended because it is high quality and gives strength and energy, but for a person suffering from insomnia, the first step will be to give up nap, which is a real enemy for people who have insomnia. Sleep “.

To sleep after or before a meal?

“At noon most people sleep after a meal, because after the meal there is a distribution of blood flow that flows more to the digestive system and less to the brain so there is a feeling of heaviness and a tendency to sleep after lunch, especially if it is a high calorie meal,” says Prof. Filler. “It is not recommended to sleep after a heavy meal because here the digestive system is not allowed to rest. The recommendation is to eat dinner three hours before turning off the lights, to let the gut rest, instead of engaging in digestive and absorption activities.”

There is also an optimal time for a nap

It turns out that there is a significant difference if you pamper yourself at noon at 13:00 or 16:00. , The same ‘Power Nap’ in question. On the other hand, if we sleep in the afternoon, the sleep will also be of less quality and will also have a negative effect on the night’s sleep. ”

Do you drink coffee before bed? This is not necessarily a bad thing


Although we drink coffee to wake up, some people cannot fall asleep if they do not drink coffee before bed. How does it reconcile with the stimulants found in coffee? “Caffeine is absorbed quickly and begins to act quickly, within 10.20 minutes. Caffeine is undoubtedly a stimulant, and yet many people need coffee before bed. The reason is that they have a tolerance to coffee, as sometimes happens with sleeping pills, people who take them often, A certain dose of the pills no longer affects them.Caffeine will not affect the arousal of a person who drinks more than four cups of coffee a day.The same people who need coffee before bed, it is not the substance itself, but the sitting itself, drinking the hot drink – these produce calm “Tonight and they put in a mode of relaxation so they can sleep well.”

A sleeping environment should be adapted and comfortable

When a person is not tired, it does not matter what conditions he will have – he will not be able to sleep, but when the situation is reversed – if a person is tired and the conditions are not good – hot, cold or he is in pain, he will not be able to sleep. “A sleeping environment needs to be adapted and comfortable to accommodate sleep but it will not cause sleep for those who do not need it,” adds Prof. Filler.

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