A balanced diet with attention to the body
When thinking about a healthy lifestyle, one of the first things that comes up is nutrition. And not for nothing. Studies show that a proper and balanced diet is important to satisfy all the needs of the body, enable its proper functioning, and help prevent chronic diseases.

So what diet is recommended? World health organizations including the Ministry of Health recommend a Mediterranean diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, protein from sources like fish, lean dairy products, chicken, turkey, legumes and tofu, and vegetable fats like nuts, almonds, tahini, avocado and olive oil . According to this dietary pattern, it is recommended to cut down on processed foods and foods high in sugar and salt.

It is important to emphasize that a balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle is not necessarily a diet or eating according to a menu, and there is no interest in maintaining strict and strict rules. It is also recommended to eat orderly meals, be attentive to the body and feelings of hunger and satiety, and make choices that take into account what will be nutritious for the body, satisfying, and also enjoyable and satisfying. True, it’s okay to eat ice cream occasionally.

Exercise as a panacea
Imagine that they were inventing a pill, that taking it daily would make them feel good, improve their mood and self.esteem. Imagine that the same drug would even protect against many diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many cancers. And the best part, is that it has no side effects, and can be obtained for free.

Would you take?

That “pill” is basically exercise. Exercise has a variety of positive health effects, for body and mind. World health organizations recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, or alternatively at least 75 minutes of strenuous exercise per week. It is recommended to combine aerobic activity for cardio.pulmonary endurance such as walking, running, swimming and cycling; Anaerobic activities for strengthening, for example weightlifting, or exercises against body weight, and exercises to improve flexibility. For starters, you can choose an activity that you connect to and start gradually.

Take a break – sleep
We spend about a third of our lives asleep, and not for nothing. Sleep is important for the body’s rehabilitation processes, memory and learning processes in the brain, and for our functioning during the day. Studies show that lack of sleep can lead to decreased cognitive ability and impaired concentration, mood swings and impaired mental health, and even increase the risk of chronic diseases.

Most adults need 7.9 hours of sleep a night. In order for you to get a sufficient amount of quality sleep, it is recommended to choose a regular hour of sleep and maintain it even on weekends. It is important that the atmosphere in the bedroom is pleasant and comfortable, and you should take care of a comfortable mattress and pillow. It is recommended to avoid electronic devices in the bedroom and even to watch screens near the bedroom. Before going to bed you should also avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals. By the way, the physical activity mentioned in the previous section will also help you fall asleep quickly and get quality sleep. And if the thoughts bother you and interfere with you falling asleep, you should keep reading the next section.

Healthy mind in a healthy body: sedation
Living in the Western world can bring with it a lot of worries and stress, but stress has negative effects, and they can lead to health problems like hypertension and diabetes, and generally harm our overall well.being. Stress can manifest in a variety of ways. Physical symptoms include headache, muscle aches, chest pain, sleep problems and fatigue, abdominal pain, and changes in libido. Stress may also affect the mood, and be expressed, for example, in anxiety or depression, a feeling of restlessness or lack of motivation.

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines for dealing with and reducing stress. Among other things, it is recommended to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep (notice how all the components of a healthy lifestyle connect and relate to each other). It is also recommended to combine sedation techniques like deep breathing and meditation. Another recommendation for relieving the feeling of stress is to share with a close person the thoughts, worries and feelings that arise.

If you have read this far, we are sure that a healthy lifestyle is important to you and invite you to choose one change that you will start with and pave your way to health.

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