A verified Corona family was arrested during the holiday while traveling

It happened during the Sukkot holiday in the city of Holon. A couple of parents and their two children, verified to the corona virus broke the isolation and decided to travel to relatives and friends who live near their home. Unfortunately, Ayalon police officers who performed routine checks were surprised to find out on the police computer that was synchronized directly with the Ministry of Health’s computers that they had to stay in isolation.

“We are here for a few minutes arranging with friends and family and returning home,” the parents explained to the question of the police officers who ordered them to return home immediately and not leave until the end of the isolation. At the end of the isolation the parents will be summoned for interrogation with a warning and will be questioned for breach of isolation and suspicion of spreading corona disease.

Also in the Negev region, corona patients who returned from training and became infected again were required to stay in complete isolation with their children but violated isolation. The parents thus turn out to have sent their children to grandparents and friends even though they are Corona patients. The police intend to summon the parents for questioning and indictments will be filed against them.

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