“The way you react is at best tactless”

Meet Guy Tavori from Kfar Vitkin, 37, married to Shani and father of Rumi Vanilai, works in a recovery clinic at the Mutological Institute at Ichilov Hospital and is chairman of Khalil HaOr, the home of leukemia patients in Israel. Coping with cancer patients with the environment

There is no doubt that getting the news that a friend or relative is ill is very difficult. In many cases the fear of losing the same person arises and this may also create fears and anxieties that we may also have cancer one day. There is no doubt that this is not an easy task.

The thing is, in many cases, the way the environment responds is at best tactless and at worst can also be harmful. Guy Tavori explains what it looks like from the perspective of cancer patients.

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