Big line along the way: The new regulations will make it easier to administer medical cannabis

The Ministry of Health last night (Wednesday) published the cannabis registry regulations for public comment. The regulations will eliminate the need to obtain a cannabis license from the Medical Cannabis Unit of the Ministry of Health and will allow the prescription of medical cannabis from specialists in the public system. Following public comments, the regulations will be submitted for approval to a Knesset committee along with the guidelines that will regulate the collection for the prescriptions by the funds.

the minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz Said: “Cannabis is an essential treatment that helps many people dealing with different types of medical conditions and serious diseases. It’s time to get rid of the ancient stigma around the plant and make it easier for anyone this treatment helps. It’s exactly what we do now. Just like other essential treatments, “The regulations we have published will allow specialist doctors to prescribe medical cannabis in a simple and accessible way. This will ensure that those who need this treatment will receive it in a much more accessible and fast way.”

The publication comes at the same time as the fall of the MK’s cannabis law Sharan the mind Last night in the Knesset plenum by a majority of 29 to 20. The law, which was supposed to go up at the end of the Knesset’s spring break, and was rejected for fear of not getting a majority, was supposed to reduce cannabis companies’ expenses and lower prices.

In addition, the bill requires the determination of what is required of each factor in the chain of growth, production, distribution, stockpiling and issuance of cannabis preparations and the manner of commercial registration in it, which currently severely impairs the availability and quality of medical cannabis treatment, those who need it and its growers. The amount of production.

By Editor