Over 500 hundreds of interns, interns and medical students demonstrated last night in front of the home of Economy Minister Orna Barbibai, in protest against her intention not to adopt the outline of shortening shifts from 26 to 16 hours alongside two hours of overlap, and her intention to offer an outline where shifts will be shortened to 22 Hours only alongside overlapping hour.

Minister Barbibai responded to the criticism of her in an interview with the GLC: “The interns are right, there is no argument. But the proposal of some of them talks about shortening the shifts in 10 hospitals first, leaving 75% of the hospitals with 26.hour shifts. Proposes to set a realistic goal and descend gradually. “

In addition, over 1,500 interns, interns and students have signed an online petition stating that if a 16 + 2 outline is not adopted, they intend to resign (interns), refuse to start an internship (interns) or refuse to start an internship (students).

Dr. Liran Nevat Golan, who specializes in emergency medicine, said this morning (Sunday) in an interview with the GLC: “Any solution that is not 18 hours or more – will not be accepted. We will all resign and shut down the hospitals in the country. We signed a letter stating that we can not To continue like this. “

“We do not sleep or eat. I do nine shifts a month – it’s crazy. The patients are poor, how can I treat them when I fall asleep in front of their eyes at 5:00 in the morning? I fell asleep on the floor in the emergency room,” he added.

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