Horowitz: “There are disagreements between me and the government, but in the end I give full backing”

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz today (Sunday) toured the corona, cardiology and general intensive care units at the Wolfson Hospital in Holon, where he issued a statement to the media and answered reporters’ questions. The minister said he had more than once encountered people refusing treatment after not being vaccinated against the corona virus. “It’s something that’s very difficult to accept,” Horowitz said. The tour was attended by the center’s director general, Dr. Anat Engel, and the medical staff headed by the department’s directors, Dr. Aryeh Soroksky and Prof. Giselle Goddard.

In his opening remarks, the Minister said that “the health care system and hospitals have been starved by Netanyahu and Litzman. They have suffered from neglect and deliberate abandonment for many years. There is a shortage of beds, manpower and resources. I am working to fix this, bring permanent standards to the system There is no reason why the health care system in Israel should always be stretched to the limit, and I am determined to change that. ”

Horowitz added that “Wolfson Medical Center is at the forefront of the fight in Corona. 46 serious patients are now hospitalized here, some of them respirators and Acme. The vast majority of them could not have been here if they had just been vaccinated. “Of people who simply refuse to receive medical treatment, including the soul. These people only harm themselves. It is a phenomenon that is painful to see and difficult to accept and we will fight it through advocacy and education.”

During the statement, the minister also referred to tensions between the government and the ministry he heads: “I do not go into gossip, everything is nonsense,” he said, adding: “We deal with life and death. There are sometimes disagreements, but in the end I give them full backing.”

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Dr. Anat Engel on a tour of “Wolfson” (Photo: Kobi Wolf)

On the interns’ struggle, Horowitz said that “in the coming days an agreed outline for shortening shifts will be presented. After years of everyone running away from it I approach shortening shifts. As much as possible and where possible. It is a gradual process. There are differences between center and periphery and different departments.”

The director of the medical center, Dr. Anat Engel, said that “Wolfson Hospital is a large central hospital that provides a medical solution to a diverse population of one million people and is at the forefront of routine and emergency medicine thanks to its professional and excellent staff who work non.stop nights. The Minister of Health agreed that it was time for the hospital to receive recognition for its unique and excellent work that is not self.evident in relation to its existing resources, and to be budgeted and standardized according to its performance and population with its complex morbidity and unique challenges. For our part, we will continue our activities so that everyone will receive the most advanced and customized medicine, as should happen in the public health system. ”

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