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The first thing we feed on from the moment we come out of our mother’s womb, is breast milk, a sweet, pampering and delicious drink. Then we were given a taste of sweet fruits and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and that’s how we remember our first flavors – sweet. So is it even right to call ourselves addicted and try to quit? Assaf Yedid, a consultant and trainer for natural health and holistic nutrition claims that we were born to eat sweet:

“Naturally the human race is programmed to love sweet. It is evolutionary. It is a strain that seeks to eat sweet. Sugar is our fuel and our default. The body also produces energy from protein or fat but our natural fuel is sugar.”

But is it healthy for us? What is the difference between regular sugar and fruit sugar for example?

“Depends on which sugar and it is important to differentiate and understand it in depth. Desktop kitchen sugar, is the simplest sugar there is and it contains glucose and fructose. White sugar is actually a disaccharide, a molecule of glucose and another molecule of protozoa and it also exists in fruits but distilled into a processed table product. The fruit we get from nature, comes in a perfect package from nature that includes fluids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and lots of nutrients (chemical compounds), and each of these nutrients plays an important role in our health and digestion. .

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In the end everything breaks down into sugar, including the bread and pasta

A friend adds: “One of the important things to understand is that all our food contains carbohydrates, even those that do not feel sweet to us at all, whether it is whole grains or legumes, in the end, all these things break down into sugars in the body. We have no way to escape it, but So we go on a ketogenic diet where only fat is consumed and it is controversial, but by and large those who do not do a ketogenic diet can not avoid sugar.All our cells need sugar to produce energy so even if we eat sweet potatoes or rice, in the end they will go through a process Per unit of sugar, and it requires much more energy from the body to digest it compared to a fruit for example, which has a much shorter path.

Most people’s fear of fruits is actually from sugar, but we must remember that it comes in a package tailored to our body precisely, so it will always be better than refined sugar. All the problems that are attributed to fructose relate to the refined product and not the natural product and the fact that in nature there are no such things as diabetes, it is an invention of humans and it happens not because they eat a lot of fruit because there are many fruits that do not have diabetes at all. “Diabetes is a problem of a body that has a lot of waste and fat in its extracellular environment that prevents the sugars from entering the bloodstream.”

So pita has more sugar than mango?

“Pita for example or pasta versus fruit, although not sweet but contain a lot of sugar and our body is not able to digest starch properly. Complex sugar found in vegetables and potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, wheat, contain very complex molecules of sugar. It can reach tens of thousands of molecules. Our body is unable to break it down. So what do we do to eat it? We cook it to allow the starch to be broken down by the body because the heat releases the molecules. What happens is we give the body sugars but no fiber, and then it turns out that “Beyond the negative properties of starch, which is actually glue, it circulates in our body, pollutes our blood and sticks to all kinds of molecules. In addition, we also cause a faster rise in sugar because of this destruction of fiber.”

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So which is better when you feel like something sweet and especially after dinner?

“Of course all the industrialized products that give us sweetness, even if it’s health snacks like granola bar mostly contain refined sweeteners like sugar, fructose syrup etc. and the natural substitute is really fruit,” recommends a friend. “Indeed, it is not recommended to eat fruit as a dessert for several reasons: the digestion of fruit is fast digestion. It takes up to an hour for the fruit to be fully digested compared to meat or more complex carbohydrates, which can take many hours to digest. If we ate a heavy meal Complexity, so this is a meal that will sit with us for a few hours, so that if after a quarter of an hour we eat fruit then this fruit will not be able to pass quickly as usual in a fast and clean way, then it starts fermenting and being broken down by bacteria. Causes an imbalance in the bacteria of the digestive tract.

The problem is not the desire for sweet. The problem is what the meal consisted of. If the meal was healthy consisting of a and low.fat food, it would not have been a problem to eat fruit even at the end of the meal. There is no healthy solution for those who want to eat something sweet after a steak, it is better to avoid dessert at the end of a heavy meal, wait a bit and drink an herbal infusion and give up the sweet. “Everything we eat in this case will not benefit our health.”

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Addicted to sweets? Maybe you have Candida

“When we’re addicted by definition then we really have no control over the things we eat and that’s the big problem with addiction, and when we do not get something we get very nervous.” Hila Separation claims, naturopath and fitness trainer. “We lose control of life and then we feel nervousness, lack of concentration, fatigue, and hunger. Studies show that when we consume sugar in the morning it makes us want to sweeten throughout the day. A certain area and changes all of our natural flora and then there is difficulty in absorbing vitamins and minerals.In severe conditions of Candida the immune system weakens and then the fungus can penetrate the walls of the gut and infect more areas.

If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, difficulty digestion, fatigue after eating, itching or burning in the anus, white coating or gingival sores, skin fungus or fatigue, depressed mood and immune weakness and a great desire for sweets you may have Candida . One of the most important things to get rid of when Candida is out of balance is sugar, processed and processed foods and simple carbohydrates that cause Candida to thrive and develop. Increased cravings for sugar may in some cases also indicate diabetes, because when we lack energy then we are looking for something that will give us energy immediately and it is perceived in us with a desire for bread, chocolate, etc.

If you are already weaned off sweet, do not take comfort in substitutes

“I think the substitutes could lead to an even greater addiction to sweets,” says Fard. “I am really against diet products. I think that when we want to get rid of something, then it is better for us not to consume anything. Indulge so you should indulge in moderation, but not every day.It turns out that all the products we buy have latent sugar with disguised names such as soy sauce that contains sugar, bread, pro breakfast delicacies and yogurts.People think that if they eat pro yogurt it increases muscle mass, but “Each such yogurt has 3.4 teaspoons of sugar and with fruit it can reach 5.6 teaspoons of sugar. Milky, for example, can have 8 teaspoons of sugar.”

Beware of healthy cake recipes

“I think everything you eat in dosage and balance, is good.” Adds separation. “But I think when we look at a recipe by bloggers and influencers on Instagram, we have to adapt it to ourselves. We don’t have to do exactly the same thing. “Addiction. There are a lot of great recipes, and I always try to download a little and change to healthier recipes.”

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Are there foods that may balance our sugar levels?

Assaf Yedid: “If we eat fruit, then we provide ourselves with the most natural and healthy way to eat sweet. You can combine with the fruit a food rich in cellulose, which is usually delicate green leaves like lettuce, because they are very rich in fiber that we can not digest and it actually slows the pace. “Releasing sugar into the blood. In the same way, a few nuts or almonds may be beneficial. Healthy people can eat a little nuts after a fruit meal to help slow down the rate of sugar transfer into the blood. Emphasize the little. No more than a handful.”

Separation Halo: “Cinnamon is great for reducing sugar and lowering cravings for sweets, I recommend eating more proteins and fats like nuts, almonds, of course unroasted, tahini and avocado, and chia pudding instead of delicacies, chia contains omega 3 and other values ​​as well. If it’s carbs then opt with A glycemic index as low as sweet potatoes or whole rice. “

Dr. Sean Portal, a physiologist and clinical dietitian, claims that anyone who is addicted to sweets like chocolate and sweets is probably addicted to dopamine.

If you are already indulging in chocolate, which is better, more times a week or the whole pack at once?

Many times we wonder if we should devour our entire favorite chocolate package in one day or every day indulge in a small chocolate gift. Portal recommends eating a smaller amount less times a week than more times a week a little at a time, because when we eat a little every day we increase our risk of becoming addicted to sugar. You should keep the desires for special occasions.

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