Technological solutions for good and quality sleep

About a third of the population sleeps less than seven hours a night and according to the data, lack of sleep threatens the health of about 45% of the world’s population. There is almost no area of ​​life that is not affected by poor sleep, from dysfunction at work to weight gain and risk of heart disease. In addition, lack of routine and periods of changes in the agenda may exacerbate insomnia and the ability to take advantage and enjoy freedom.

Not just counting sheep – technology has something to say in the field of sleep as well and quite a few gadgets and creative solutions have been created in recent years to perfect the ultimate sleeping experience. Here are some selections:

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Research Extensive from 2015 found that the most effective mattress, should be of medium firmness level to relieve back pain in a balanced way. The texture of the mattress is important but not enough, and attention is also required to the amount of heat it produces, eliminating quarrels over the temperature in the bedroom – innovative technology will flow ‘water’ at the bottom of the mattress to cool or heat the mattress while adjusting to the ideal temperature. The really important news is that it comes in a split and split version suitable for couples.


Whether you prefer them in light cotton or luxury linen, many times the bedding heats up and causes a wake.up call in the middle of the night. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase bedding made of breathable fabrics, such as cotton bamboo and linen, that allow the temperature to remain stable and cool. Bamboo bedding stands out for their softness, made of breathable fabric thanks to a hollow fiber composition that allows air to flow in and is ideal for those with sensitive skin and those who sweat at night.

If that’s not enough – look for ‘cooling pads’ on the net that are made with fabric padding that adjusts the heat buildup while the humidity in the room rises, and vice versa, temperature regulation technology will release heat into the room space if the temperatures are too low.


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Digital solutions

addiction A smartphone can ruin sleep and if you manage to leave the screens out of the bedroom, what good. The blue light emitted from LED screens is known to be harmful to sleep, as it inhibits the secretion of melatonin in the body. But you can turn any lemon into a lemonade and use technology to get a more pleasant and better sleep. Here are some gadgets that will upgrade your sleeping experience:

Sleeping headphones

Sleepbuds wireless headphones are specifically designed for sleeping by blocking out external noise alongside soothing sounds that cause relaxation. You can choose from noises that will cover any external noise called “noise masking sounds”, natural sounds like rain or rustling leaves or alternatively soothing and peaceful music. The headphones are extremely small and precisely designed in such a way that will allow you to throw yourself in bed, turn around and sleep on either side without fear of them falling off.

Another audio product combines with headphones, an eye mask that will make you feel complete darkness at any hour of the day, with the option to control the music you hear comfortably by buttons that are on the mask itself. Recommended for a long ride or a voiceless flight of children in the background.

White noise machines

Machines that produce white noise have gained popularity in recent years and they allow you to disconnect from any distraction. The idea behind the machine, also called a sound machine, is to emit a constant and monotonous sound that disconnects us from external noises and puts us into a uniform and relaxing rhythm. If you have not yet purchased one, you can also try and relax with the noise of the washing machine. Or listen to the following video:

If you want to relax in front of the coals crackling in the imaginary oven you fantasize one day about purchasing, you can stock up on a cup of tea, curl up in bed and listen to the next cancer. You can activate your sense of imagination and save the division of trees from the forest:

Sleep apps

If you have difficulty falling asleep for a long time, go to a professional sleep lab but at the same time there are quite a few home features that you can use to monitor the quality of your sleep and get statistics every morning on what happened in your body while traveling far into the dream world.

The Sleep Cycle app detects when we enter a stage where sleep becomes easier and then it wakes us up before we dive back into deep sleep and have a hard time waking up. The app works within 30 minutes of the time you set the alarm and it will precede or delay the ringing by a few minutes. In addition, there are of course options for monitoring our sleep cycles throughout the night.

If you are worried that you are talking too much out of sleep, the following app will settle the eternal couple argument. The Sleep Talk Recorder application will record the background noises in the room and it knows how to filter and distinguish between general noises caused by displacement and whole words and sentences.

Robot and true friend

Am I snoring?
Snoring is not necessarily physically harmful but what is certain is that it can be a problem in your relationship with your new spouse. Beyond that in extreme cases strong snoring can be a sign of lack of oxygen and may develop into sleep apnea. The SnoreLab app measures the intensity and length of snoring. It is possible to record the snoring throughout the night and even listen to selected samples every morning. Over time you will be able to compare snoring and evaluate the effectiveness of dietary or medication changes.

And another lovable product that will ensure you a fun experience is the Somnox, a sleeping robot that is basically a padded friend to cuddle with, comes in the form of a sleeve that connects to a smartphone, plays soothing music and intuitively makes you breathe more calmly.

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