Not that there is a lack of unfounded rumors regarding the corona plague, vaccines and risks – recently a new concept came in that almost caused another storm with rumors about a new and threatening version of the virus that is set to erupt next year, called covid.22. The new concept has gone viral on social media, after many shared the sensational information on social media. So where did the new concept come from and is there cause for concern?

In reality this is a quote, probably not the most successful, of a Swiss professor of medicine who was interviewed and described the state of the corona outbreak next year, and inadvertently used the problematic phrase that immediately raised concerns and rumors. Professor Sai Redi, an associate professor of synthetic systems and immunology at the University of Zurich ETH, was interviewed by a Swiss.language Swiss newspaper called Blake. Referring to the vaccination program and the emergence of the contagious delta version he said, that we are no longer in the original Covid.19 but in the next stage of the epidemic with the dangerous potential for the spread of beta or gamma versions that will become more contagious as well as the delta strain that may develop mutations.

“Covid.21 this will be the big problem for the coming year. Covid.22 may even worsen from what we are witnessing now,” he said, referring to the epidemic development process from last year to the present. His comments led to alarming headlines, Blick’s interview headline was: “Covid.22 could get worse.”

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Because the epidemic started in 2019, so the disease was also called Covid.19, people thought that Prof. Reddy feared that next year another strain would develop, more deadly than the most contagious delta version today. Quite a few serious but also amusing responses were circulating throughout the network. This is how Dodge, Professor Lawrence Young, a virologist at the University of Warwick, commented on the interview: “Cubid.22 is extremely shocking and speculative.” The likelihood of a ‘super version’ appearing next year as a result of combining existing strains is highly unlikely. “

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. Gabe Sanchez (@iamgabesanchez) August 23, 2021

What will really happen in 2022?

Beyond the wrong choice of words, the truth is that if God forbid an upgraded version of the corona is discovered, it is a trait in one of the names in the order of the Latin alpha beta, similar to existing varieties like alpha, beta, delta, gamma, lambda – all different varieties of the same version. Father, after all he is Cubid 19, and they have no nickname of their own that refers to the date they were discovered. Only in cases where a completely new strain of virus is discovered whose development is unrecognizable from the existing and familiar version, will it be renamed with the addition of the year in which it was exposed.

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. Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) August 23, 2021

It is interesting to note in this context that many experts estimate with due caution that 2022 is expected to be the year in which the plague will end, similar to what happened in 1918 with the flu pandemic, which lasted three years. According to them, 3 years is enough time for people to build immunity through a combination of vaccine alongside exposure and natural recovery from infections. Alongside this, one of the big concerns of course is that a version so different from the original versions will be developed that you will be able to escape or evade the protection offered by the vaccines that are now available.

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