June 30 | Israeli Ministry of Health: Commission of Experts Voted to Vaccinate Children Under 5 Against Coronavirus

On Thursday, June 30, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that a panel of experts had voted to vaccinate children under the age of five against the coronavirus.

58% voted to recommend that children under five with risk factors be vaccinated and allow children without risk factors to be vaccinated.

13% voted in favor of recommending and recommending vaccination for all children under five.

16% recommended limiting vaccination to only children under five with risk factors.

87% said that it is possible to vaccinate those who have recovered and those who have not yet been ill without distinguishing between these groups. 13% believe that those who have recovered should not be vaccinated.

The results of the expert vote will be considered by the Israeli Ministry of Health. A formal decision to vaccinate children under five years of age against coronavirus has not yet been made.

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