The Minister of Economy and Industry, Orna Barbibai (Yesh Atid), will publish tonight (Thursday) the draft permit for the scope of employment hours for medical interns. The permit will first reduce the working hours for interns in the periphery from the current 26 hours to 18 working hours and will be limited to up to six shifts per month.

On October 6, 2021, the general permit for weekly work and rest hours and overtime in medical institutions will expire.
In recent months, the Minister of Economy and Industry, Orna Barbibai, has held meetings with the Ministers of Health and Finance, dozens of interns, senior physicians, hospital administrators, and the Physicians’ Federation to formulate a new permit that balances system needs and working hours for interns in Israel.

Tonight, the Minister of Economy and Industry will publish the draft permit for public references, the main point of which is to reduce the scope of working hours to 18 hours and limit it to up to six shifts per month. The proposed outline will start at ten hospitals in the periphery as recommended by the Ministry of Health (except for specialization in surgical professions) and will be gradually expanded over the next five years to all interns in the country. Its various aspects.

Minister Barbibai: “It is time to change the existing permit and allow a better balance for medical professionals between working hours and rest hours. This will ensure an optimal response for patients and interns who will lead the health system in the long term.”

“The proposed solution reflects the needs of interns alongside systemic considerations. The fact that it is five years to implement the outline will allow government ministries and the entire health system to prepare for the significant change brought about by the new permit.”

“Dealing with the corona virus has proven the significant contribution of the health system to the citizens of the country and emphasized more the importance of preserving the human advantage of the medical staff in the future as well. The permit. “

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