` – The Region of Sardinia is making € 900,000 available for teaching the languages ​​of historical minorities – Sardinian and Catalan – in the island’s schools. The green light for programming, proposed by the Department of Education, came with the favorable opinion of the Second Commission (Culture) of the Regional Council.

In detail, 500 thousand euros will be divided between schools of all levels for the teaching and vehicular use of Sardinian and Catalan in Alghero during curricular time. The other 400,000 will, on the other hand, finance educational workshops in extra.curricular hours.

“With this program we are implementing the articles 17 and 19 of the law n.22 of 2018 which governs the regional language policy”, specified the regional councilor for public education, Andrea Biancareddu, heard by the Commission in the morning. “After the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the teaching of Sardinian and Catalan will finally be fully operational”.

The projects will involve teachers from the regional list provided for by article 20 of law 22. So far 195 teachers have enrolled. The projects will be selected on the basis of the number of pupils’ adhesions, the teaching hours reserved for the vehicular use of the languages ​​of historical minorities, the continuity with previous experiences, the quality of the didactic proposal, the use of internal teachers in schools.

Last year 68 projects for teaching curricular Sardinian were presented: 14 concerned the nursery school, 54 instead of primary school. As for the educational workshops, the experience gained, the integration with curricular Sardinian projects and the participation in other regional or community initiatives will be taken into account. “The two lines of financing will be extremely flexible”, concluded Biancareddu. “Resources will be able to be moved from one sector to another based on the number of projects submitted”.

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