An unvaccinated Israeli woman is hospitalized in critical condition after being infected in Corona

Galina Genchev, a 57.year.old resident of Eilat, is hospitalized in a very serious condition in a hospital in the Maldives after contracting corona disease during a vacation in the islands, where she flew with her daughter Lena (18) about two weeks ago. The two were not vaccinated with any of the vaccines against the plague, and decided to take the risk after doing routine tests before leaving the country.

“For a year and a half, we were at home because of the corona. My mother worked as a travel agent and for the Knesset, and I as a student learned from the zoom at home. “We decided a few weeks ago to go on a trip to the Maldives to make up for the difficult time we went through and for me as a pre.military trip,” says Lena in a conversation with – from the local hospital. “I was also scared and in retrospect today I understand that it was a serious mistake.”

She said, “The first week was amazing. We had fun together, it was fun and then the big nightmare started. Mom suffered from headaches, dizziness, body muscle aches. She went to the hospital and got painkillers. We thought it would pass because she felt better, but a few days ago It got so bad that she had trouble breathing. ‘

Lena and her mother | Photo: Private

At the hospital we diagnosed Galina with corona blue and pneumonia. “Mum had a hard time breathing. She was hospitalized when she was connected to oxygen,” says Lena. Her life. ”

Lena turned to the Harel insurance company from which she purchased insurance before the flight in order to return her to treatment in Israel, and at the same time she turned to the Foreign Ministry, where she was told there was nothing to do and they could not help her. Harel was in constant contact with Lena and after receiving the medical documents from the local hospital, it was decided to send a doctor from Sheba Hospital who specializes in intensive care to help the mother and daughter and check her medical condition. The doctor visited the mother yesterday in the emergency department of the local hospital and explained to them that it is now not possible to fly them to Israel because she receives 100 percent oxygen and if she flies to Israel she could die.

“I am an 18.year.old girl alone with my mother in perhaps the most beautiful place in the world but in a terrible situation and there is no one to help us. Every day the nightmare becomes difficult and difficult. Mother fights for her life and I am afraid she will die. “Foreign people said they could do nothing. Other people who were involved in criminal acts around the world did find the time and means to help them and send them representatives from the embassy and consulate. This is an exceptional case, we are here alone,” Lena adds. “I’m really panicking. I have outgoing calls. ‘

Now that she has not moved from her mother’s bed and is waiting for an improvement in her condition that will allow her to fly to Israel, Lena realizes that the choice not to get vaccinated was a big mistake. “Mum and I understand that we made a mistake that we did not get vaccinated. It is a pity that we got into this situation. I tell people to go get vaccinated so that you do not get to the situation that my mother is currently fighting for her life. Do not take risks.”

Lena and her mother (Photo: Private)
Lena and her mother | Photo: Private

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