Pizza: All the health benefits of the most favorite dish

Pizza – perhaps the most beloved, delicious and most popular dish in the entire world. These are precise layers of crunchy dough, delicious sauce and melted cheese, with the addition of your favorite toppings on top. And even though many of us only hear about pizza and our salivary glands start to function, many avoid the food due to the high amount of calories in the food. To this end, Dr. Maya Rozman told in her program on 103FM radio specifically about the benefits of the favorite food, so that next time you can eat it without guilt.

Dr. Maya Roseman explained: “In one triangle of pizza there is an average of 9 grams of protein, this amount is similar to the amount of protein that is in a half cup of white cheese. A pizza triangle also has over 200 mg of calcium. The addition of double cheese may double the amount of calcium in one pizza triangle to 400 mg, half of the daily calcium intake for a child aged 4-8. Mozzarella does not have synthetic food colors that are harmful to health, but natural Anato food colors extracted from purple cabbage / carrots / beets. Most mozzarella cheeses usually do not contain preservatives either. Mozzarella has almost no lactose, the milk sugar that many are sensitive to. The tomato paste has a nice amount of lycopene, one of the most powerful antioxidants. It is effective in preventing many diseases, especially against cataracts, and against prostate cancer. ”

And how can you healthily upgrade your favorite food? “Usually the nutritional value is higher in a thin dough instead of a thick one, because it is better to have as little flour, especially white, and the healthier toppings are olives, which have important fatty acids, or red pepper which is rich in vitamin C needed to absorb calcium from pizza cheese. The pizza remains a lot of the vitamin “, the expert claimed and clarified:” Although in a pizza triangle with thick dough and double cheese 400 calories, and who is satisfied with one? A meal of 2-3 pizza triangles comes to the amount of calories a whole diet day. In one triangle with a thin dough, only about 150 calories. ”

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