4 foods that contribute to hair loss
Hair loss can be caused by various causes, some genetic, others environmental. But many experts point out that nutrition has a significant effect on the condition of your hair. This is because the food we consume is responsible for the vitamins and minerals absorbed by our bodies, including our hair.Most often our diet affects the hair when we eat unhealthy foods and / or when we do not consume the nutrients needed to maintain healthy hair, such as protein and iron. Dr. Carolyn Jacob, a dermatologist, explains that most people suffer from hair loss due to iron and / or vitamin deficiencies. D And / or proteins. Here are four types of foods that can contribute to hair loss:

1. Sweet foods

Who can without a chocolate cake and ice cream? None, but if you have recently suffered from hair loss, you may want to reduce the dessert cut a bit. Sugar disrupts the body’s ability to absorb proteins, which are essential for healthy hair growth. If your menu contains a lot of sugar, you may want to make some changes to it.

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2. Fast food

Which is not good for your stomach, probably not good for your hair either. Fast foods are often high in fat and excess fat can block the pores and result in hair loss.

3. Too many fish

Although fish contains zinc, a mineral that is important for the health of the hair and scalp – some fish also contain quite a bit of mercury, which can cause thinning of the hair. According to experts at Eat This, Not That The general rule (although there are exceptions) is that the larger the fish, the higher the mercury levels. It is therefore better to eat less mackerel and certain types of tuna. Fish that contain less mercury and are recommended to eat to maintain healthy hair: anchovies, matias, salmon, tilapia, Nile princess and canned light tuna.

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More salmon, less mackerel | Photo: Nitr, shutterstock

4. White flour

Anything that consists of processed carbohydrates like white bread, pastas that are not made from whole wheat and in fact anything that is made from white flour, can cause damage to the hair. This is because processed carbohydrates are broken down in the body into sugars, they lack nutrients that are essential for hair health (like protein) and therefore a diet rich in processed carbohydrates can contribute to hair loss.

So what should you eat to keep your hair full and healthy?

Dr. Francesca Posco, a senior clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says a high-protein diet helps keep hair strong and full. “Protein is essential for healthy singing,” she told health.com. “Lean meat, fish , Chicken, beans, all excellent sources. Iron is also important, a low level of iron can lead to anemia, which can lead to increased hair loss. The good news is that with proper nutrition and supplements (if necessary), hair loss in this case is reversible, “explains Dr. Posco.

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