Report: Nearly 20 million people have survived thanks to the corona vaccines
The summer wave of the omicron variant continues to sweep the world and in the new reality almost no country is taking steps to try to moderate it. The world is tired of dealing with the virus. A high rate of vaccinated and / or recovering allows most countries to absorb morbidity and mortality and receive, in effect, a morbidity and mortality burden that is usually familiar to us in winter, even in summer. If we look at the morbidity curves in several countries, for example South Africa, we can see new variant-based waves every few months. This may be the new reality for years to come. The virus undergoes a change that allows it to partially evade the immune defense, at the same time the defense naturally fades, and the combination of the two together with a super-infectious virus causes a wave of illness.

The waves are moderating

The encouraging trend is that morbidity and mortality rates are moderating from wave to wave. In the first waves what was moderating and “breaking” them were the various restrictions – social distance, masks and in extreme cases closures. Later on it was the vaccines that moderated the waves and today it seems that the moderation of the wave is credited to the mass infection in a population where the majority are vaccinated or recovering. Research Recently published estimates that the various corona vaccines have saved the lives of close to 20 million people. Of course we will never know what the real number is, but based on the morbidity and mortality rate known from the various variants, and the excess mortality observed in countries where there is a lack of morbidity, their effect can be clearly seen.

Toddler vaccines – a snapshot

The main tools used in the war in Corona are vaccines and medicines. The drugs mainly prevent the deterioration of a serious illness At an efficiency of about 50 percent And serve as a line of defense for people in risk groups that have occurred in Corona. A global effort is now being made to vaccinate all age groups and adapt the vaccines to the changing virus. About a week ago, the health authorities in the United States, the FDA and the CDC, unanimously approved the Vaccination of toddlers For ages 6 months to 5 years. According to experts, although the harm of the virus in children is much smaller than in adults, the benefits that the vaccine gives still far outweigh its disadvantages.

in the United States About 200 children aged six months to 4 from Corona died, their deaths could have been avoided had the vaccine been available. Cases of various complications in children such as multisystem inflammation, which is admittedly rarer in omicron but may also have been avoided Still exists, and of course the impairment of their quality of life with the persistent symptoms (Long Covid).

One of the problems with the clinical trials in children, similar to the larger children’s vaccines and the youth vaccines, was that since few children became seriously ill, the effectiveness of the vaccine could not be accurately assessed. But from other measures, such as the levels of antibodies in the blood of vaccinated people and their effectiveness in neutralizing the virus in laboratory conditions, together with the low rate of side effects, it can be concluded that the vaccine behaves similarly to older age groups. And thus conclude that the vaccine is equally safe and effective even in young children.

Israel is a small country, it has a low rate of severe cases and therefore they are less noticeable, unlike the big United States – where according to the law of large numbers even a small rate in a large population will be expressed.

While in the United States the vaccine has been approved and the vaccination campaign has begun, two discussions have taken place in Israel so far and today their recommendations have been published to allow children over the age of six months to be vaccinated and encourage children in risk groups to be vaccinated. .

Omicron-adapted vaccines

Now that the vaccine is approved for all age groups from the age of six months and up, the research focuses on updates, innovations and improvements. More and more companies are coming to the finish line with effective vaccines in various technologies.

GSK and Sanofi French companies, Post Experimental results in their dual variant vaccine. It is the vaccine designed against the original virus and against the South African (original) variant. From findings Published Membership, increases efficiency by about 72 percent in preventing symptomatic disease at Omicron. In recovering patients, the results were even better – 93 percent effective in preventing symptomatic disease. These are very nice results, the big question is how relevant are they to the new variants that are sweeping the world these days and what is the rate of defense fading. It is a classic technology vaccine in which protein fragments of the virus are injected together with adjuvant – a stimulant, a substance that stimulates the immune system to react against the foreign protein. There are many vaccines today that use this technology, such as the papilloma vaccine and the flu vaccine. It is important to remember that the published results originate in a press release, it is worth waiting for the full results to be published after the companies submit the vaccine for FDA approval.

The American company Nova Wax, which is already trying long time To approve its vaccine in the U.S., has recently resubmitted it to FDA approval, and although the advisory committee has recommended approving, due to changes in the production line, the FDA has so far delaying The certificate. The vaccine is also based on a classic technology of viral protein segments that are injected and “teach” the immune system to recognize the virus. The company has suffered quite a few bumps in the past year, and so far the vaccine has been approved in several places around the world, but not at home – in the United States. Nova Wax has hoped to be the first company to supply the United States with vaccines using recombinant protein technology and can address people who cannot or do not want to be vaccinated with one of the other technologies.

This week was held at the FDA Advisory Committee discussion On the administration of the vaccine (which has not yet been approved). At the end of the discussion, the experts recommended approving the vaccine as an Omicron-adjusted booster dose. That is, people who have been vaccinated by other companies will be able to get the vaccine from the American company as a booster dose to improve protection against Omicron.

The really interesting discussion was about Omicron-adapted vaccines from the companies Pfizer and Moderna. Both companies presented to the FDA advisory committee their customized vaccine data and sought to approve the Omicron-adjusted vaccine. Last but not least, they sought approval in principle that the following customized vaccines would need a more basic test based on immunoassays such as antibody levels and their efficacy in neutralizing the virus under laboratory conditions and would not require a clinical trial lasting several months. This is not an unreasonable request, in the end the vaccine has been known for almost two years (since it began clinical trials), and hundreds of millions of people and possibly more, have already received it. The virus changes so the vaccine needs to be adjusted quickly. At some point the companies will probably get such approval, but at this point the advisory committee has chosen to roll out the decision to the FDA. Indeed, in light of the findings The relatively good ones Based primarily on immunological metrics rather than “real-world” studies of the vaccine tailored to the various variants of Omicron, the committee recommended that one of the variants be included in the next booster dose. Which of the variants? It has not been decided, probably BA.4 and BA.5 which are the dominant variants in the world today.

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