“The abolition of the isolation obligation for verified persons is not currently being considered”
13,877 new corona patients were diagnosed in Israel in the last day. This is the highest daily figure since the end of March. Alongside this and in parallel with the increase in hospitalizations, the infection rate continues to decline and currently stands at 1.06. The Ministry of Health is not currently considering a change or tightening of the isolation guidelines and the corona testing complexes continue to operate routinely.”The abolition of the isolation obligation for verified people is not being considered at the moment,” says Dr. Sharon Elrai Price in a conversation with Mako Health. We have reduced the isolation to contacts and there are constantly changes in the guidelines, as we have seen in the last two and a half years, depending on the situation. ”

How many of those infected have been sick in the past? “The current variant, BA5, is contagious but unlike Omicron where within days tens of thousands have been infected. Yes we see that people who have been infected in the past can be sick and we had almost a thousand people whose third disease is this. “.

Dr. Price explains that: “We have no answer as to what the level of immunity of an infected person is. Each wave has different characteristics, it is difficult to refer to it as the flu because the variables are unstable. We do know that vaccinated people are in a better condition than people who have not been vaccinated. ”

What are the updated corona guidelines?

There are currently 66,579 active Corona patients in Israel, of whom 1,189 are hospitalized throughout the country. When the condition of 374 patients is defined as severe, of which 50 are respiratory. The economic situation and the election period removed the corona from the headlines despite the high numbers. Make an order in the current valid guidelines:

Who is committed to isolation? All those who received a positive result in a corona, PCR or institutional antigen test are required to enter isolation, including vaccinated and recovering. Unlike in the past, it is not necessary to report to the Ministry of Health about the isolation.

Anyone who has been in contact with Verified Corona is not liable for isolation. This is also true for those who live in the same house with verified.

How long should be in isolation? The duration of isolation will be five days, while on the fourth day a home antigen test is needed, another test should be done on the fifth day. If the results of the two home tests are negative, it is possible to leave the insulation. If they are positive, it is mandatory to remain in isolation for another two days, ie seven days, and then leave the isolation without further examination.

PCR test. Today, PCR tests can be performed at all HMOs and in 32 Home Front Command complexes scattered from the north to Eilat in the south. There are another 51 MDA testing complexes that are also deployed in all the cities and regional councils from north to Eilat.

PCR tests at the HMOs and in the Home Front Command complexes are performed free of charge, except for tests to leave the country.

Antigen test. Institutional antigen tests can be performed at all HMOs or at authorized stations in the Home Front Command and MDA complexes.

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