Is it healthy for us to drink soda?

Is it healthy for us to drink soda and what is it better than water? It turns out that the sparkling water that seems to belong to the 50+ is absolutely something we can all embrace. All about the jumping water

Sometimes what is in the jar, or in the glass does indicate a thing or two about who is drinking from it. The reason for this is unknown, but for many years drinking soda has been associated with a type of adulthood. If you see two people in a meeting drinking soda, they’re probably in their fifties. Soda is actually a not bad solution that combines drinking water with the matter of the carbonated beverage.

So what exactly is in soda? “Whether it is the home appliance or the soda bottles sold in stores, the soda has water with high.pressure carbon dioxide, of course it is clean soda, without sweeteners, additives of flavors or food coloring,” says Gitit Orlin, clinical dietitian at Clalit Health Fund, Haifa District Western Galilee and adds that in our body, during the breakdown of carbon dioxide carbonic acid is formed, which does not adversely affect the acidity of the blood or stomach.

  1. Can soda replace a glass of water?

    The prevailing recommendation for drinking water is 8 glasses a day, at least. Can soda replace a glass of water? “If you looked at most people’s drinking habits they would probably find that people do not drink enough. The index is 30 ml of water per 1 kg. So the average person should drink 1.5.2 liters of water a day. Some of it comes from fruits, vegetables or “Liquids in food, and some water or soda,” says Gitit Orlin. “When I recommend my patients to drink, I recommend water or soda, it was the same, the difference is the personal taste, the drink that is better is the one that will make you drink more.”

  2. What is soda better than water?

    Adequate drinking prevents dehydration and speeds up the metabolism, but another advantage that soda has over water is that the gases in it give a feeling of satiety and fullness to some people. When you drink a glass of soda water before a meal, it will encourage a feeling of satiety and we will eat less at a meal, an advantage that can help some people who are trying to maintain weight.

  3. Suffering from nausea or heartburn? Try drinking soda

    It happens to us at different times in life, in early pregnancy we will suffer from nausea, eventually mostly heartburn, and quite a few people from the general population will also suffer from reflux. Turns out soda can help. Soda can help people who suffer from nausea, such as pregnancy, so you should try to drink when you feel nauseous. Another group that drinking soda water can help are people who suffer from reflux and heartburn, it has no finger at all and has no research backing, for some people it may increase reflux And there are those for whom drinking soda will calm down, because it is a personal matter, it is worth trying. “

  4. Does not cause calcium leakage and does not destroy the teeth

    Turns out there are quite a few myths about soda. One is that drinking soda can cause calcium leakage, and another that it can damage teeth. “Quite a few studies confuse soda – carbon dioxide water with soda that treats all carbonated beverages, including cola and kinley and other flavored carbonated beverages. Cola has phosphoric acid that can indeed cause calcium leakage, and other carbonated beverages that do have sugar can actually damage teeth,” “Especially when they are consumed often, but regular soda, without additives, should not affect the calcium leakage, nor should it harm the health of the teeth,” says Gitit Orlin.

  5. Pay attention to the fine print

    To avoid the negative effects of carbonated and sweetened beverages on health, before buying a soda drink, it is recommended to read the list of ingredients and see that the drink does not contain sugar, flavorings, fruit concentrate or fructose, and of course pay attention to the amounts of sodium in the drink. Regular soda contains the addition of baking soda, in a reasonable amount of sodium (a normal amount of sodium is up to 300 milligrams per hundred milliliters).

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