Freckles: Are They Dangerous?
What happens to freckles in summer and what happens to them in winter? Why are there some who have freckles and those who do not and how is it that there is no freckled baby? Dr. Sivan Mercer, an expert in aesthetics and laser dermatology, with the important details about the sweetest freckles available

Freckles on the skin, also called ‘summer bright’, and usually come in groups of freckles and not alone. Freckles are perceived in society as something with a graceful, sweet look, and in recent years it has even become a real trend when celebrities were seen with “Pike Percles” – that is, painting with freckles in the high areas of the face, on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and more. Even makeup brands have responded to products designed to create a freckled look, and makeup artists have lined up in chains with tips and tutorials on how to create the look. So it’s true that looks have become a graceful trend, but how are they really caused? Do they have any risks and who are the lucky ones who will receive the gift of nature “freckles”?

  1. How was a Freckle Born?

    “First, freckles are formed from the sun, they are the product of a kiss from the sun on the skin but in specific areas where there is a high concentration of melanin, which is in everyone’s body, but when it crystallizes and accumulates, the chance of receiving a freckle increases,” says Dr. Sivan Mercer is an expert in aesthetics and laser dermatology.

  2. Is there a way to eliminate freckles?

    First of all there is no such thing as removal and certainly not permanently when it comes to freckles, it is true that there are IPL and laser treatments for lightening and momentary disappearance of freckles, but it is important to know that freckles obscure themselves already in winter, but permanent disappearance is something not achievable. Melanin is always there, so when they disappear after them, they will return again. “

  3. Is there a link between freckles and pigmentation?

    “A freckle is a pigmented stain, and therefore it belongs to the same family of pigmentation but the difference is that freckles have darkening and fading according to the seasons, while pigmentation remains on the skin unless treated with active lightening ingredients that suppress it and weaken its darkness until it is no longer protected from the sun. “With regard to freckles, which appear suddenly, and do not necessarily come from birth, can not be hidden.”

  4. Are there any risks in the appearance of freckles?

    “It is important to be precise because the answer can be confusing,” explains Dr. Mercer. Change and monitor the visibility and development of all lesions in the body. Ranging from moles, pigmentation and even freckles that may be perceived by us as ‘innocent’. Perhaps the danger here is the same uncertainty about freckles. So know: in any degree of change in their appearance, and in general as a responsible follow-up, go to the dermatologist once a season, and ask for an accurate and correct diagnosis. ”

  5. What happens to freckles in the summer?

    “Most of the public (at least freckled) know and are well acquainted with the activity of freckles on the skin. They already know to expect that in the winter they will fade, and in the summer and sun exposure they will stand out more. But only one of them has the genetic tendency to freak out, he will certainly come home with freckles – but what is the fate of the rest of the fair-skinned? Burns, pigmentation and burning of the skin that will not leave freckles, etc. For review. “

  6. Are freckles also genetically inherited?

    “No one is really born with freckles, but because it’s a genetic behavior in the skin, there are those who are born with the ability to produce freckles in the skin when exposed to the sun,” says Dr. Mercer. Ingim. But here too, of course, this is not general – there are redheads or blondes without a tendency to freckles, and there are those with dark pigment in the hair or reddish, and they are freckled. The tendency to produce freckles in the skin will ultimately be determined by the dominant gene alongside hundreds of other genes and therefore it does not always exist. “

  7. Where do freckles mostly appear?

    The concentration of freckles occurs most commonly, in the face and shoulders, and in children and before adolescence. However it will be rare to see say freckled babies. “Because of the genetics, they appear in the initial exposure to the sun, even if it was accompanied by creams for lightening laser treatments or in protected exposure to the sun.”

    Another surprising place we discovered that a freckle may appear is in the eyes. Or rather: on the iris (the colored part of the eye). The researchers emphasize that the dark spots that appear on the irises of about 60 percent of the population do not meet the dermatological definition of a freckle, but they are similar to freckles not only in their appearance but also in terms of the relationship between them and sun exposure: Of dangerous overexposure to solar radiation and not only: Research on the subject has shown that this sign may also indicate a risk of eye diseases such as cataracts and retinal degeneration. If you have first freckles – and the study shows that at least one freckle can be found in 76.1% of the adult population – you can prevent more freckles from appearing simply with the regular use of sunglasses.

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