The Health Committee, chaired by MK Idit Silman, convened this morning (Sunday) to discuss the outline for shortening interns’ shifts. The Minister of Economy, Orna Barbibai, and the Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, participated in the discussion.

MK Silman said at the beginning of the discussion: “For almost two years I have been working personally and promoting Othos for the last few months. I visit every week – especially at night in the emergency departments of hospitals around the country, . I believe that this is how I will work with my friends – in all the parliamentary tools at our disposal – that we will leave here today in Gaza with significant news about the shortening of shifts. “

Minister Barbibai continued: “If we were in a world without constraints and could define a reasonable scope of work in the ratio of work to rest it would be great, but this is not the case, even in relation to the amount of interns we have if there were unlimited standards. It is tempting to say that the matter is unsolvable and to extend the order as it is. This is what has been for years, I decided it is unreasonable. And not on a start date. “

Health Minister Horowitz said: “We are at a historic event. For years the government did not touch on this story, everyone ran away from it like wildfire. There are arguments between all the various parties. We put an end to this matter and said – the train left the station, we are going on a short cut In 2022, we allocated almost NIS 40 million for the purpose of shortening shifts. But the details still need to be discussed. We want to make a move that will not extend the long internship as well, nor do we want to hurt the interns’ salaries or the quality of their training. That the intern will get the knowledge he needs to get and that he will deal with what is important and not around.

“Therefore we will bring in more auxiliary staff and administrative manpower to help make sure that the hours during which the intern deals with medicine itself will not be reduced. “We will get into a situation where we will start something and we will not be able to implement it. We want to do this thing mentally.”

Discussion in the Health Committee on shortening shifts (Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Noam Moskowitz)

The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, added: “We need to get going and shorten the interns’ shifts and we are determined to make the move. We relied heavily on the RI committee that created a basis for change to produce a practical plan. We thanked Sarah Barbibai for her determination and we want to do so in an informed manner that will not thwart the plan whose success depends on many factors including budgets and number of physicians available to us. “Experts in every field and field and there is also the issue of wages. There were countries that went out on such a move and went back and we want to go forward. So we understood that we need to take smaller steps, that their chances of success are greater.”

As you may recall, Minister Barbibai published on Thursday the draft permit for the scope of employment of medical interns. The permit will first reduce the working hours for interns in the periphery from the current 26 hours to 18 working hours and will be limited to up to six shifts per month.

The proposed outline will start at ten hospitals in the periphery as recommended by the Ministry of Health (except for specialization in surgical professions) and will be gradually expanded over the next five years to all interns in the country. Its various aspects.

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