Specialist doctors reject outline: “2,360 resignation letters available tomorrow”

The struggle of interns: The organization of medical interns in Israel “Prescription” convened a special press conference outside the Knesset this morning (Wednesday), following the presentation of the outline for shortening the shifts from 26 hours to 18 hours in some hospitals, during which the interns threatened: “Accessible 2,360 resignation letters.”

Health Minister Horowitz said of the interns’ threat: “It is unnecessary. I am in good contact with the interns and it is clear to them that the process should be gradual. There are not enough doctors to make an immediate cut across the country. Some step must be taken. You will give. ”

A little later, the Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, And Minister of Economy and Industry, Orna Barbibai, Convened a press conference on the reform of shortening the shifts of interns. Barbibai said that “the permit I will sign reduces the scope of operating hours to 18 hours. We understand that assessments are required from the point of view of the hospitals, so we went to the place that needs strengthening – the periphery. I do not think the plan is perfect but it is a breakthrough.”

Coalition Chairman and Health Committee Chairman, MK Edith Silman, She said in response to the outline of the shortening of shifts presented by the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Health: “This is an important and significant achievement, and there is still a long way to go. I intend to continue working to shorten the shifts. ‘

“They lied to us, deceived us”

Prescription Chairman Ray Bitton told reporters: “We woke up to a very difficult morning. They lied to us. Deceived us. They sold us. We were told stories. With a trembling hand and a heavy heart, the resignation letters of 2,300 interns and students will be available tomorrow. Sorry from the patients. We are sorry for the extreme step we have to take. Throughout the years we have tried to avoid this step. We learn from experience and disappointments. We can not accept that as an achievement. ”

Bitton explained that “there is no real line in the outline. Our demands were clear. Unfortunately what we were given was a shortening in non.surgical professions. 90% of the interns will continue on 26.hour shifts in a row. The Corona fighters who have been on the front line for almost two years are being abandoned. ”

She added: “It was possible to fix it. We wanted to reach an acceptable outline. But unfortunately enough elements intervened against us to prevent the process. We do not ignore the gospel at the beginning of the shortening of the shifts but it is not enough. Israel.

“In order for the outline to be acceptable to the interns, 25 to 30 percent of the interns must enter the outline, including boarding schools and MDAs throughout the country by 2022. And the fact that they are deviated from the outline without any expectation is unacceptable. Without a commitment and a clear outline that really outlines the way to shorten the shifts, with a deadline, we will stay forever with 90% of the interns who will continue to do 26.hour shifts. ”

Meanwhile, Shahar Baruch, who recently graduated from medical school, spoke with Ben Caspit and Winon Magal on 103FM about the struggle of doctors who specialize in shortening shifts. In his opening remarks, he explained: “We demand a reduction of shifts from 26 hours. Now at 9:40 in the morning, the intern who started the shifts yesterday at 8 a.m. has not yet left home. Only when you finish the program will he go home to sleep, get on the car after he has been Wake up close to 30 hours, which is why we are protesting for a good few years to shorten these shifts. ”

He noted: “In 2000 the shifts were shortened to 26 hours, a decade ago the state promised when there was a strike of doctors and then the interns that a pilot would be opened, they would work to shorten shifts and nothing happened. 10 years nothing happened.”

On the demonstration in front of the health minister’s house where five interns were arrested, he said: “We demonstrated. “As a result, we demonstrated in front of Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz’s house, demanding that he speak to us. He chose not to come, they sent us police officers, five interns were arrested, delusional. I have nothing to say.”

On the outline for shortening the shifts to 18 hours, he said: “To the best of my knowledge, a new outline is being published today. “That the interns will start submitting resignation letters. There are a thousand interns who have signed such a statement, I think everyone hopes it will not happen.”

In conclusion, he said: “In European countries, workers specialize in normal working hours. In Australia, Europe, the UK in normal countries. We are human beings, we do not have to work 26 hours and I think our request is legitimate. We want to work 16 hours.”

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