the minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, Was interviewed tonight (Wednesday) on News 12 and referred to the new outline that drew much criticism among protesting interns: “I am the first health minister to shorten the shifts, this is a historic achievement and an unusual line. We are starting a real course of shortening shifts in ten hospitals.”

Horowitz added that he understands the plight of the interns, yet hopes they will not submit their resignations tomorrow: “We embrace them and go hand in hand with them. I do not understand the point in submitting resignation letters instead of celebrating the outline.”

“I receive greetings from interns from around the country who welcome the outline, and there are those who instead threaten to resign. It is of no interest and I hope it does not happen,” he said.

He said the outline would start with ten hospitals in the periphery and gradually expand to the rest of the country: “I would be happy at the moment to shorten everyone, but there are not enough doctors for that. I could like all ministers before postpone it for another year and it would not happen. The length of the outline we set is four years, it will not remain empty words. “

Concluding his remarks, Horowitz said that “we are not prepared for a mass resignation tomorrow, I hope it will not happen and I do not know what she will achieve.”

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