Dr. Adina Leshansky, an intern in the pediatric ward at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, is one of 2,360 interns who intend to submit their resignation today (Thursday) as part of a protest against the outline for shortening shifts, which they do not provide. Guy Peleg and Nissim Mashaal spoke with Dr. To Shansky in their program on 103FM.

“Today we are submitting a letter of mass resignation signed by more than 2,500 people with a heavy heart, we did not believe we would reach this situation. I personally have been walking around with stomach pains and nausea for two days for fear, no one wants to resign and leave the profession. For a fourth shift, almost in a row, on Thursday, Saturday, Monday and today. “Every 26 hours, it’s inhuman,” Dr. Leshansky began.

“At the end of the shift I am very tired, very nervous, impatient. The first thing I lose in such shifts is the patience, at first towards the nursing staff, sometimes answering with barks and being ashamed of myself. I have no patience for patients, if they need my help they need my compassion “I have no compassion left because I am so tired and I come home ashamed of my behavior. Afraid to get behind the wheel,” she added.

On Health Minister Horowitz’s claims that the proposed outline is a step in the right direction, she replied: “This start is a drop in the ocean. Let them give positive reinforcement to the Corona departments. This struggle which is a decade we are warning. There is a new government every six months. We say let’s do it in stages , But in a way that is anchored, that in the first beat it does not make sense to exclude the corona and internal medicine departments from the outline. It does not make sense to start with ten hospitals, only in the periphery and not in surgery, barely 10 percent But it does not make sense to ignore the workers who deal with the corona every day. “

“They said that it is forbidden to do more than six shifts a month, no one enforces it. We welcome the drop in this sea but this drop is not possible. If unfortunately in the State of Israel there is no political stability, if the government falls For the first time it will be able to all internal and corona departments across the Corona with the understanding that they are the ones who have worked the last year and a half and continue to work hard and fight this epidemic. “These are our demands,” Dr. Leshansky continued.

On the negotiations with the Ministry of Health she added: “They do not understand it, they say the demands are unreasonable and unreasonable. Your job as a minister in the government is to take care of me, if you say it does not make sense, I work irrationally every day, I do not eat, “I do not drink, it harms my and my patients’ health. It sounds like a drop in the ocean to add to the emergency departments around the country. I do not understand why to exclude it. I am broken and disappointed.”

On the resignation process she said: “Catastrophe. It’s a heavy heart. None of us want to abandon his patients, but whole wards have decided they can no longer live like this, and if we have one intern resigning it is a catastrophe. I do 320 hours a month, one intern resigning, That’s 350 hours. “

“We talk to the Treasury all the time, since the previous permit expired three months ago we are in daily conversations with the Treasury, with the Ministry of Health we have reached an agreement on another outline that we discover is not what they present two days ago we were under understanding going to an anchored outline five years ahead “We ask and suddenly everything falls apart and we do not understand why and say it is not possible. And I say: make it possible, we are with our backs to the wall, broken, crushed and unable to work like this,” she added.

Finally, Dr. Lashansky was asked how long the protest would last, and replied: “Full time, I do not know a doctor who has not been able to change his career, change work abroad. There are countless opportunities for doctors who are not necessarily in our profession or country. They give us a promise we will not be able to anymore. I talk to students who say goodbye and thank you for the struggle because we will not be willing to enter a system that looks like this. The students understand that if there is no solution, there will be no new interns who will continue to enter the system. “

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ofri Glichman / 103fm

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