After flooding the Israeli experiment, Av Even received a recommendation to get vaccinated

Yoav Even | Photo: The News 12

“Do you know that someone is saying goodbye to you and something is broken in your heart”? – We are used to seeing Yoav Even every evening on screen, usually with more or less serious reports about the condition of the corona, its spread and decline, and current reports in the field of health. Yesterday, the News 12 health correspondent published a ‘less official’ post on Facebook in which he amusingly recounts his personal relationship in recent months with the variety of various corona vaccines, as someone who volunteered to take part in an experiment to develop an Israeli corona vaccine at the Biological Institute.

In his opening remarks, he notes that “not many people know that I did not talk about it on Facebook, Instagram in the news studio and in Niv Raskin’s morning news program, but at the beginning of the year I volunteered to test the Israeli vaccine against corona developed by the Ness Ziona Biological Institute.

He said that during the first weeks of the experiment, he met weekly at the hospital for a weekly follow.up examination, until about six months ago, the frequency of meetings decreased to once a month. “I should have been suspicious even then, I know, but you know what it’s like – when the head in the clouds has a drop in antibodies.”

The turnaround happened a few days ago when he received a phone call from a confidential number. Then it turned out that the group of volunteers had a decline in the amount of antibodies, so the recommendation of the Biological Institute is to get vaccinated with another vaccine. “For my health and my safety, that’s what she said. At least she did not tell me ‘it’s not you it’s me.’ I tried to argue, I told her that antibodies are not everything in life, but it did not help. “I felt like a hospital without an Acme device.”

Promising results for the trial of the Israeli vaccine


Yoav Even (Photo: Private)
The recommendation for another vaccine | Photo: Private


He goes on to say that he was asked to continue to get a monthly check.up to check the effect of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccine on those who received the Israeli vaccine. “I was already thinking of refusing it, but it felt unwise to refuse someone who represents a mysterious security organization that, according to reports abroad, is developing a biological weapon, so I agreed.”

He ended the post in a positive tone: “I found myself in the vaccination complex of Clalit Health Services in Holon, devoting myself to my new lover – modern. First dose today plus the flu vaccine because I am already here, and second dose in 28 days. Total 4 vaccines against Corona + 1 Influenza vaccine in less than a year. I wonder if I can vaccinate myself now just hugging people. “

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