Didi Harari supports interns: “We will stay with a sick health system”

The protest of the internists went up a notch with the submission of resignation letters from protesters, after they decided to reject the outline offered to them by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy. Didi Harari joined their struggle, and during his program that was broadcast today (Thursday) on 103FM radio, he warned the Minister of Health about what would happen following the long shifts.

At the beginning of the program, Harari asked the listeners to get into the interns’ shoes, in an attempt to illustrate the dismal situation they are in: “Try to imagine you work 26 hours in a row. Imagine a truck driver driving for 26 hours without sleeping. Imagine someone working in an office in front of a computer for 26 hours. I Trying to imagine myself broadcasting for 26 hours, with the same fervor and pace at which I am broadcasting now. ”

“Imagine you come to a hospital for some reason, and you fall for a 20.hour intern,” Harari said anxiously, adding: “As one who has worked long hours – there is a lack of concentration, fatigue in all parts of the body and blurred vision. “Slowly into sleep. Signs of drunkenness. Would you like a drunk doctor to treat you when you have a medical problem?”

To the Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz, Who was behind the initiative to shorten the shifts of interns to 18 consecutive hours, Harari asked: “You would like to come to the hospital with an unpleasant medical problem only to find that whoever treats you does not sleep 23 hours, and now he should be the most focused and do The best he can do without his hand shaking from exhaustion?

“You are not, it is clear, because you are the Minister of Health and you would probably receive special treatment from the best senior doctors,” Harari continued, “but, what happens to the ordinary citizens? Those who have no connections? Jews, Arabs, from the center of the country, “Of all the places you claim to have voters. Is it a turn for you that they will receive treatment from a doctor in a debilitated condition? It is not a turn at all.”

Harari added: “And I’m not talking about their private lives, many of whom as interns are in their 30s or so are young parents with small children at home. Seeing the children does not deserve them? Why should the same intern come home to sleep and see the children only when they are 15? – Is it asking too much? ”

Harari, as mentioned, supported the protest. “The interns are right, and it is very good that they are currently submitting resignation letters,” he said. “.

By Editor