Is this the alternative way to overcome disease?

About two weeks ago, Scout Grant published a post that caused quite a stir due to an water fast. In the post, Grant testified that thanks to fasting she feels lighter, clearer and painless and after years of various ailments, she feels better than ever. Among other things, she wrote: “Medication is extreme! Pain is extreme! fast? It is temporary, it is challenging but much less extreme. ” She also noted that she does not recommend everyone to do this fast and certainly not alone, “It is strictly forbidden to go through such a process without close supervision, daily checks and especially along the way “. The post drew various reactions, including less sympathetic ones, claiming that she is a public figure and that she encourages her followers to take extreme and dangerous action.

Fasting, according to the fasters in the Facebook support group for fasting, is a relatively easy, available, accessible and inexpensive way of healing, compared to many expensive and inaccessible health treatments. The fasting anyone can do at home and thus achieve healing from various diseases, some people do fasting in order to better control their diet, lower blood sugar levels, lose weight, get out of the comfort zone or for the purpose of anti.aging. Here is the story of some of them:

“I earned my life like they never were”

Tania (24) and Sharon (44) are a married couple who advocate and adopt a vegan diet. They are expecting a first child, who they claim would not have arrived without the prolonged fast. They met on a fruitfulness trip and after a year of dating, decided to set goals and fast together, but all this did not happen at once. “I suffered from bleeding internal hemorrhoids, lots of gas, indigestion and chronic depression for the rest of my life,” Sharon describes. “Anyway, my lifestyle until 4 years ago was really problematic, I did bad things in life like drugs and smoked 3 cans of cigarettes a day. One day I read a post about someone who recovered from depression through a fruity diet, and after a few years of desperate attempts that didn’t really work, “I decided to try this diet, which consists mainly of fruit. After a year and a half of living, I fasted for 8 days, and together with the diet today, I no longer suffer from depression at all.”

In their joint fast, Sharon fasted 36 days and Tania 23 days. “Our fast rolled and was not really planned,” Tanya explains. “It started when Sharon started a few days of juice fasting and decided to move on with it to a long water fast. At home there were lettuce and green for juices left, so I started doing a few days of juices that were somehow dragged into another 23 days of full water fasting.”


Fasting (Photo: Private)
Sharon and Tania | Photo: Private


Why did you do such a long fast?

“It started with me wanting to do a long fast for a long time and I believed that maybe it would help me get depressed and get rid of the toxins that had accumulated in my body over the years,” Sharon explains. For Tanya, the focus was a little different. “My dream in this fast was to get pregnant. My hormonal balance was not right and 2 different gynecologists told me that I could not get pregnant naturally because alone the body would not be able to ovulate, so I tried using a diet for a year and a half and nothing changed. I saved. “On a very strict diet, intermittent fasting, I did sports and still nothing happened. 3 and a half months after the fast, suddenly the menstrual cycle returned.”

Did you do the fast under professional guidance?

“Tanya was professionally accompanied by a fast attendant and I also used him from the middle of the fast,” Sharon explains. “But it’s because I’m also from the field and understand and I have done fasting before. I relied on myself. Once a day I would send the attendant a photo of the tongue to check that everything was fine. At some point I lost 45 kilos and after the fast it took me 3 months to recover. I went upstairs, and I was a training person. ”

What do you do during the fast?

Sharon: “I was in bed most of the time. In the first days I was more active but later I had a really hard time. Fasting is hard. For the past two weeks I have not fallen asleep. I really suffered but I was determined to continue fasting as long as I could. For Tanya it was the other way around. She sleeps much better. It depends on the way a person lives before the fast. ”

What happens to body odors? Isn’t that a little smelly?

Tanya: “Yes. We get repulsive and we would both lie together in bed stinking and not showering because there is no power. There were times I really helped Sharon change clothes and bedding, or in simple things like giving him water, it was not simple, neither the smells nor the feelings. Sharon was not sleeping At night, he would fall asleep with music that disturbed my sleep and at some point Sharon started like a vertigo like that and every time I moved, he felt like an earthquake. ”

Very challenging for a relationship isn’t it? What happens to sexual desire in such a situation?

Tanya: “We really approached this fast, it connected us and we really fell in love with each other again because it opens up very high spiritual places. My sexual desire remained the same. My vitality and vitality was higher than another day. Sharon was finished and his sexual desire took time to return “.

How do you get back to routine after fasting?

Sharon: “After the fast, it takes a few days until we return to eat. I returned on the first day to drink apple juice mixed with water and then fruit – 6 meals of 120 grams of fruit. The recommendation is not to go back to eating fat so fast. Tanya returned to everything more slowly without fat and started smaller portions of 100 grams. ”

What do you think is your biggest gain from fasting?

Tanya: “To understand on a mental level what the body is capable of, to understand that the body has healing powers and just needs to be given the right conditions to repair and heal and everything works out including incurable diseases. I feel it is a kind of mission to be interviewed for this article. “They knew there was a solution.”


Fasting (Photo: Private)
Ron Holtzman | Photo: Private


Ron fasted for the experience: “You feel like Superman”

For years, Sharon Holtzman, 42, an organizational consultant and facilitator of groups for addiction and building healthy habits, has been conducting juice and detox workshops. In recent years he has also experimented with fasting the famous lemonade of the celebrities, or in his name – the master cleanse. Ron tells how fasting changed his life and even helped him feel sharp, full of energy and vitality. The process begins with 3 days of preparation of juices and smoothies, on the first day drink orange juice mixed with water and then go into a cleansing consisting of cups of squeezed lemon, maple and cayenne. Besides drinking water and tea infusions for a minimum of 10 days. There are those who do it for 4 weeks, I did this cleansing for two weeks. ”

How did you feel?

“I lost around 4.6 pounds. I was fully functional, I worked, I lectured, I worked out in the gym. The first days are harder, but when the body adapts and when you give the body only fluids, you feel lighter. In Buddhism or yoga or Judaism, and even among the Indians who have a ceremony without food. “.

Fasting (Photo: Private)
Sean Portal | Photo: Private

“Diets are a concept of the past” – Sean’s upheaval

Dr. Sean Portal, an exercise physiologist and clinical nutritionist today leads the field of fasting in the country. “Since returning from the anti.aging conference in Los Angeles I have been strong in this story and I fast for something like 70 days a year.” , Much younger than his age and testifies to himself that since he introduced the fasts into his life, his life has been upgraded and improved.

What types of fasts do you do?

“I do fasting every week. A basic fast for 24 hours once a week and once every two to three weeks or a month for 36 to 50 hours. That’s two days plus. I feel great and exercise while fasting. When I fast I drink water, green tea And coffee. ”

The fasting trend has been gaining momentum in recent years and between them we have the fasts intermittently like the familiar 8/16 fast and its peers like 5: 2, which limit the eating hours, there are short water fasts of two to 5 days and then 7 days of eating and there are periodic fasts. “It is important to understand the purpose of the fast and to adapt the appropriate fast to it,” explains Portal. “And if you thought fasting was a dangerous, delusional thing, or an unfounded thing that belonged only to lunatics, today science also confirms the benefits of fasting.”

A new study from about two weeks ago by Walter Longo published in Cancer, a magazine considered in the field of cancer, confirms the benefits of fasting, especially when it comes to stopping cancerous tumors. “Fasting causes the growth hormone IGF.1 to be lowered, which is a hormone that tells us about our caloric status.” Explains portal. “Hormonal changes and growth factors, associated with increased food intake and obesity, affect the regulation of genes involved in cellular processes, including proliferation, differentiation and DNA repair, and allow cells to survive and proliferate despite the accumulation of mutations leading to malignant change.”

Fasting also causes the level of insulin in the body to drop. Insulin is also a hormone that causes the accumulation of nutrients in the form of fat or glycogen and when you lower the insulin then there is also less storage, but the most significant thing is that there is a decrease in insulin level, we also see a decrease in tumor proliferation because insulin is anabolic hormone. “As in the case of obesity, especially abdominal obesity or in inflammatory conditions in the body, insulin resistance is created and then the body has to secrete several times as much insulin to get the food into the body.”

What happens when insulin is high?

“When insulin is high and doubles, it causes cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, skin problems, etc. When fasting occurs, they cause excitement (cells become insulin sensitive), and then need a little insulin to excrete nutrients. Fasting happens more significantly. “.

And it is impossible to achieve this in a state of balanced menu?

“Even in general weight loss it can happen but in fasting we reach a higher sensitivity to insulin and also achieve the decrease in the hormone IGF.1 And this is what causes tumors to recede.


Fasting (Photo: unsplash)
It is important to drink 2 liters a day during the fast | Photo: unsplash


What happens to our body when we fast?

  1. Lack of energy causes an increase in the so.called enzyme AMPK, Energy is available. When the body feels that there is no energy available, this enzyme begins to increase fat burning and then begins to do cellular cleansing called autophagy = decomposition and cellular regeneration. It can happen starting from 7 hours from the last meal and it gets worse after about 16.20 hours. Today people know that it is related to anti.aging and people really like fasting because of it.
  2. During fasting that the liver is emptied – there is an increase in ketones. The body burns fat and the more carbohydrates there are the more fat is burned and an anti.inflammatory effect is seen.
  3. Once there is no energy available the body begins to increase so.called matter OVER. This is a substance without which it is impossible to live 30 seconds, it is a substance that every cell needs. As you get older then there is less of it and it prevents over.oxidation in the cells as they get tired.
  4. IGF Affects cell growth and when there is a lack of energy that comes mainly from sugars and proteins, tumors can be stopped. Instead of long or combined fasts, it is possible to eat only fats, which are substances that do not allow growth. When eaten protein, it can cause growth of muscle but also of tumors.


Why are we deterred from fasting on the grounds that they can be dangerous?
“Our fear is that we will dwindle and lose and weaken but there is a big difference between hunger and fasting. Hunger in the dry definition is a limited period of over 3 weeks”

If fasting is a cure, why are we told to eat chicken soup when we are sick?
“Today we know that eating while you are sick is like feeding the disease.”

What is important to know before fasting?
“It’s important to know what you want to get out of it, then set the duration of the fast and do it gradually under the guidance of a professional. Beware of constipations that can be tolerated and especially it happens to people who do not drink enough then the system dries out.”

What are the common mistakes people make in fasting?
“Insufficient drinking that causes insufficiency, or drinking too much that can cause dilution, too much water can also cause electrolyte imbalance.

Dr. Sean Portal with Fasting Tips:

  • Define why you are fasting. For example, for the purpose of weight loss people can settle for an 8.16 fast or up to 24 hours. Graduality is important.
  • When the body gets too used to fasting there is no stimulation and then some of the effect is lost. One needs to make the body realize that this is a type of stress. No need to do fasts all week. The increase in fasting should be gradual. About 5 days a week.
  • Be careful not to go into fasting with corrupt meals. Do not use fasting as compensation.
  • Drink at least 2 liters during the fast.
  • Do not tell that you are fasting – most people will try to make you stop
  • Maintain a healthy diet the rest of the day and reduce refined carbohydrates.
  • Do not do it alone without professional guidance and direction.
  • People who are malnourished or lose too much weight should be wary of sugar drops and hypoglycemia.

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