Against the background of the interns’ struggle and threats of resignation, the routine continued in the hospitals, although there were patients who expressed concern in the face of the possibility that the interns would resign, which could harm the quality of medical care they receive.

Dr. Ray Bitton after being prevented from entering the Health Bureau, Credit: Internship Organization

“There were no unusual appointments, but fewer young doctors were seen,” said Itzik Levy from Tel Aviv, who arrived at the outpatient clinic at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. “I entered the appointment on time and everything seemed normal, but there is concern about what will happen. The interns work very hard in the emergency room and wards, especially at night, and I do not even want to think what will happen if they do not. “It could lead to a catastrophe, and I hope they reach an agreement and the interns get normal working hours.”

Haim, who is recovering from surgery on his leg and was scheduled for another two weeks at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, expressed concern about what was expected. “I am waiting for this turn impatiently. I have leg pain and I want to know what is happening to me. Even so, the public health system looks bankrupt and the queues are very long. I hope they will keep the interns, who do the abrasive and blessed work.”

Elad Buzaglo, a resident of Afula who arrived at Haemek Hospital yesterday, did not hide his concern: “Even now the congestion in the wards is terrible. If the interns really leave – I do not want to imagine what will happen here. The corridors are full, the doctors are collapsing, .

Bracha Aldjem, a resident of Afula in her 60s, added: “Their protest is important, and I understand that it does not make sense to work so many hours, but they can not just resign. This is our life. I do not agree that they will work without sleep, “Obviously it is dangerous, but leaving the hospitals and leaving us alone is even more dangerous. The Minister of Health needs to help them.”

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