Type A influenza virus has been identified in Israel: “Israel may be dealing with macabre disease

The Ministry of Health issued a statement (Thursday) according to which, during the month of September, a type A virus was detected in Israel and caused the hospitalization of seven people. It was also reported that the virus was detected in children and adults alike.

“We are preparing for the flu in the coming winter and that Israel may face a parallel corona and seasonal flu. The severity of the flu can not be expected this winter, but from the first signs there will be flu activity, unlike last year.”

“The Ministry of Health recommends getting vaccinated against the flu virus. The flu virus can cause serious illnesses such as pneumonia, other respiratory complications and even deaths.”

As mentioned, this year 4 million doses of flu vaccine were ordered to Israel, which will be enough for 44% of the population. Therefore, the Ministry of Health says that there is no ban on getting vaccinated against corona and flu at the same time.

By Editor