The Delta variant of the corona virus was first discovered in India last year and has since spread and reached more than 60 countries. At first it was considered a “test” variant, but was later classified as an “alarming” variant, mainly because it was found to be more contagious than other strains of the virus. Since then the Delta variant has become the dominant strain in the UK and some believe that this variant is significantly responsible for the devastating corona wave that has befallen India recently.

A new variant of the Delta variant has now been discovered, which may be resistant to one of the treatments against the corona virus.

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The new variant is called “Delta Plus” and has been discovered in recent months in Europe, according to reports from India. So far, one of the only things known about it, is that it is probably resistant to treatment with monoclonal antibodies. It is a corona virus treatment recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an experimental treatment whose efficacy has yet to be unequivocally proven and is used primarily to treat mild to moderate corona cases in adults and children over 12 who are at high risk for hospitalization or death. But it is a preventative treatment that should not be used in patients who are already in a critical condition and hospitalized.

It is important to emphasize that the “Delta Plus” variant has not yet been defined as a worrying variant, but is currently classified as a variant that must be followed. The Government of India have announced that they intend to follow this variant devoutly in their laboratories. Various parameters need to be tested to see if this variant should concern the world, including how lethal it is, whether it is more contagious than other strains and whether it is resistant to existing vaccines.

The state of the corona in India is on a gradual improvement trend | Photo: ap

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Meanwhile, the situation of the corona in India continues to improve and the numbers are on a consistent downward trend from last month. In the last day, about 62,000 new cases have been reported in India and about 2,500 deaths. In the heyday of the latest wave in India, more than 400,000 cases were recorded per day.

The corona plague is an event that continues to evolve and catch up. The current report is as of Wednesday (16.06.2021) and more may change. We strive to bring you the latest reports, but it is important to be updated daily in light of the many changes.

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