How can personalized medicine improve our quality of life?
Thanks to the customized medicine that has emerged in recent years, treatments for patients can be tailored according to their genomic composition. In which areas of disease can we already see today the customized therapeutic approach and to which medical directions is it still expected to develop? An expert explains

Customized medicine is actually a change of the medical paradigm and the placement of the patient at the center. This is a multi.stage process which consists of detecting the disease, characterizing the disease and adjusting the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

In fact, personalized medicine is going to become part of the health management of us all. For both healthy and sick people it can help maintain health and quality of life.

Prof. Avi Schroeder, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Technion and an expert in nanotechnology and medicine, explains the most intriguing field in the world of medicine in the following video:

It should be emphasized that the choice of possible treatment is for the decision of the therapist who registers the prescription in consultation with the patient.

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