Senior doctor criticizes interns’ protests: “Abroad, no less hard work”

The chairman of the Israeli Association of Internal Medicine, Professor Avishai Ellis, spoke with Anat Davidov on 103FM and criticized the conduct of the interns’ protest, who are protesting the long shift hours: “If someone deceives themselves that abroad they work easier, in fewer hours, He is wrong and misleading. ” According to him, the outline obtained, according to which they will work 18 hours in ten hospitals in the country, is “a failure. Economy Minister Orna Barbibai shortened that this was her agenda and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz was dragged after her because he was frightened by the public noise.”

Alice argued that he, like the union members, was in favor of shortening the interns’ shifts, but that long thinking was needed regarding the new outline: “It doesn’t make sense for them to work 26 hours. Even pilots and drivers don’t work that much. “People who work in a manufacturing plant. We need to make sure that the medicine provided is good and high quality. We need to make sure that the specialization we give is good and high quality.”

“It is not human that the doctor who will treat you will have no idea how to treat, because he did not receive proper training and he was not in the morning and does not know you at all. There is a system and the problems need to be solved more broadly and deeply. OK, shorteners, who will work the next morning? Who will take care of the patients? Shortening the shifts means less exposure hours for the interns during their internship. Shorten, “the union chairman explained.

Despite the criticism of the conduct of the protest, and the outline, he reiterated that he is in favor of shortening the shifts. “You don’t have to work 26 hours. But you have to do it with first thought, if you shorten – who will work?”, He asked.

In conclusion, he claimed that when it comes to the topic of “populism celebrates”: “There is a huge difference between the different specialties. The committee that built the structure, gave a solution to internal medicine, where they started doing 16 hours and two hours in two groups each week. “To manage the shifts and work before and after the shifts.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ofri Glichman / 103 fm

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