The ‘dry scooping’ ticking trend can be dangerous

Doctors and experts are warning of a new ticking challenge called dry scooping, which has gained great popularity on the social network and has gained thousands of versions and 8.2 million likes in total in recent months. The trend involves swallowing a dry tablespoon of protein powder before a workout without diluting it with water, in order to maximize its effect on the body and make the blood flow faster. According to doctors, it can cause suffocation, pneumonia or heart disorders.


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Awareness of the dangerous trend has risen in recent weeks, after a 20.year.old Florida tick star claimed it caused her to have a heart attack. At Brittany Portillo, she posted the video under the caption ‘I Stopped Breathing’. In the video, she revealed that she was rushed to the hospital after severe pain in her left arm, a clear sign of a heart attack, after she tried to swallow the dry powder.

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“After I took the powder I started to feel tingling and itching all over my body. At first I did a Google search and found that it was a normal side effect.” Told Portillo. “Then I started to feel a heavy feeling in my chest and mild pain. I thought it might be anxiety or a bad anxiety attack, so I decided to just ignore it and start my workout.”

As the chest pains subsided, Portillo began to feel nauseous, before getting hot flashes. “I started sweating a lot even though I was wearing a bikini. Then the chest pains came back and this time it was stronger, the pains went down my back and left arm, so I knew these were symptoms of a heart attack.”

A 25.year.old patient who was hospitalized while unconscious with a brain injury after consuming eight powder pills before training:

It is important to follow the instructions on the package

A new study on the subject is set to be unveiled this weekend during the American Pediatrics Conference and Exhibition 2021. “Pre.workout powders usually contain caffeine along with other ingredients like creatine, amino acids and vitamins. Improper use of pre.workout supplements, which are only for adults, can cause For “respiratory or cardiovascular distress or death,” the new study warns.

The research team collected 100 TikTok videos under the hashtag ‘#preworkout’, and analyzed the following data – likes, method of ingestion, number of doses and combining powder with other substances. Of the 100 videos analyzed, the cumulative number of likes was 259,773,000 and ranged from 112,300 to 1,700,000 per video. In total, 31 of the videos showed the trend that included dry swallowing – a total of 8,201,900 likes. Another 11 of the videos showed users who concentrated or mixed powders before training incorrectly (a total of 2,399,400 likes), and 7% showed users who consumed pre.workouts using other dangerous methods (1,721,200 likes). In total, five videos showed the consumption of supplements before training with energy drinks, and two with alcohol. Worryingly, only eight of the videos described the proper use of training powders.


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Protein powders usually contain performance.enhancing ingredients such as caffeine, amino acids, vitamin B, creatine and beta alenine. The ingredients are often found in high doses and are intended to be diluted in about 200 ml of water before consumption to improve performance during training. “Although there is some research on caffeine and performance in trained athletes, we do not know what effect these powders have on the general population.” Research permit “There is no doubt that supplements should be taken before training and for those who choose to do so it is important to follow the instructions on the package to prepare them.”

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