Ray Bitton, chairman of “Registry”, the interns ‘organization, referred today (Monday) in an interview with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM to the interns’ protest. Referring to her meeting with Minister Horowitz, Bitton said, And that we can sit on the outline, on the details and see if we can reach an agreement. But unfortunately that is not how the meeting went. ”

Bitton said that “it was a conversation in a pleasant atmosphere, they heard our side, but there was no real discussion of details and no attempt was made to find an outline that would apply to us as well. We were told they would take it back and try to think about it, In the form of negotiations. “

Prescription chairman added: “We expected there to be a process, that they would work collaboratively with us, we did not expect the situation to escalate so much before they talked to us. There is a process that can be done, the solution is quite simple. The solution we seek is feasible, they can work with it, we just need to open our minds and hearts. “

According to Bitton, “We are considering expanding the outline for boarding schools and screenings across the country. What underlies the controversy is the budget issue that we are trying to see how to resolve. We have put forward applicable proposals and everyone has understood that these are applicable proposals.”

Bitton was asked why there are interns who do not join the struggle and replied that “most doctors are part of the struggle, some will take part in the practical level and submit dismissal letters and some do not. These people actually work under their managers, who are also responsible for the doctors’ organization. Fearful, absolutely. “

Assisted in the editing of the article: Ofri Glichman / 103 fm

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