The jump in the number of recovering children from Corona who have been hospitalized: the data are revealed

More than 35 children were hospitalized within a week and a half after suffering from post.Corona syndrome – this is what we published tonight in the “Savings Program” • Among the new patients in PIMS: 6.year.old child, his condition is severely defined • Does the vaccine affect menstruation? Dr. Elrai Price responds: “There may be a connection” – and also reassuring

First publication: In the last week and a half, there has been an increase in the number of children hospitalized after suffering from Post Corona Syndrome (PIMS). Among other things – 35 children were hospitalized, and a 6.year.old boy in critical condition, and yesterday we reported that Eden Jamal, a 16.year.old boy from Jaljulia, died of the syndrome.

Jamal contracted corona, contracted the syndrome and was not vaccinated against the virus. About two weeks ago he was transferred to Schneider Hospital from Meir Hospital, where he was connected to an Acme device in the intensive care unit following PIMS syndrome, but was eventually pronounced dead.

Children in the 6.16 age group to which Jamal belonged are at higher risk of developing the syndrome after recovery from the virus. Prof. Yehuda Adler, a senior cardiologist and former chairman of the European Cardiological Association for Membrane and Myocardial Diseases, explained to N12 today: “The phenomenon occurs more frequently in young children aged 6 to 16. It is manifested by high fever, abdominal pain and headaches. This could lead to a rapid need for evacuation in intensive care and dysfunction of various organs in the body. ”

To date, at least 120 cases of the syndrome have been found in Israeli patients in Corona, but in practice the number is higher, and according to Prof. Tzachi Grossman, chairman of the Pediatrics Association, about 100 children and adolescents suffering from the rare syndrome have been hospitalized in critical condition.

In addition, the Ministry of Health is examining the link between the vaccine and disruptions in the menstrual cycle. Dr. Elrai Price referred to the allegations and said that there may be a connection. However, she claims that the phenomenon passes within a month and there is no effect on fertility.

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